Email Marketing for Dentists

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Email Marketing for Dentists

Putting People First

Taking the time and effort to show that you really understand your patients’ needs, desires (and also their fears and worries) can give you a huge competitive edge.

Dentistry is much more than just about is about people. Let RocketResponder help manage your communication strategy while you concentrate on providing them with the very best in modern dental care. A reassuring email about forthcoming treatment plans or what they can expect from their next visit, will let your patients know that you always put their needs first.

Features for Dentists

Why Choose RocketResponder?

Effectively communicating the range of services you offer and what sets you apart from the competition is good for business. RocketResponder lets you target different groups of people with the specific messages they want to hear.

Prospective Patients

Finding a good dentist who can best meet a prospective patient’s needs can be a bit of a minefield. The more relevant information a prospective patient can have the better and RocketResponder will let you explain why you are the choice they want to make.

New Patients

Use RocketResponder to orientate new patients by explaining the range of treatment options, tell them about how you work and help put their fears at ease. Share social media information and contact information and help them feel welcome and valued.

Existing Patients

Use RocketResponder to help build long-term relationships with your existing patients. Timely reminders of the treatments you offer as well as relevant news and updates will ensure that you remain as one of their trusted health care professionals.

Be Informative

A monthly newsletter is a great way of keeping your patients up to date with the latest advances in oral health and allow you to feature key aspects of the work you do and explain why it is so important to your patients’ oral health and hygiene.

Advertise Your Practice

Alternate advice emails with emails promoting the services you provide or any special offers that you want to highlight. With each email you send you will build up trust and confidence as your customers get to know you better.

Alert Patients

There are times you will want to send the same message to everyone on your various email lists. Whether this is a simple “Happy Holidays” greeting, an update on your opening hours or change in social information, RocketResponder can handle this for you with ease.

Easy To Use

When we designed RocketResponder, we ensured it was easy to use and did not require any great technical knowledge to operate. Basically if you can write and send emails then you will quickly get used to how RocketResponder works and if ever you get stuck then we are happy to help you get back on track.

Email Marketing for Dentists Email Marketing for Dentists