FB Funnel Setup

Setting up a Facebook Lead Generation ad

Login to Facebook Ads Manager

Under What’s your marketing objective select Lead generation

Give your Campaign Name a title

Give your Ad Set Name a title

Select which Facebook Page you would like you create your ad for. (Having a Facebook Page is a requirement for using Lead Generation on Facebook)

Now we need to setup our Audience if you already advertise using Facebook Ads and have Audiences all ready to go select your Saved Audience and skip to the next section

1. Enter one or more global regions, countries, states/regions, cities, postal codes, addresses or Designated Market Areas ® to show or exclude your ad to people in those locations. Location targeting is not available in all countries (You can Include Locations or Exclude Locations

2. Select the minimum and maximum age of the people who will find your ad relevant

3. Choose “All” unless you only want your ads to be shown to either men or women

4. Leave this blank unless the audience you are targeting uses a language that is not common to the location you have chosen above

5. Define your audience by including or excluding demographics, interests and behaviors

6. Reach people who have a specific kind of connection to your Page, app or event. This will narrow your audience to include only people with that specific connection who also meet the other targeting categories you’ve selected

7. Click the Save This Audience button

You now have an Audience setup remember to tweak this as you learn what works and doesn’t work over time.

Skip to here if you already have an Audience set up

Only 2 options here. You can let Facebook decide where your ads are show with Automatic Placements or you can decide where they are shown (FB, Instagram, Network) by selecting Edit Placements

1. Select your Budget. I always start new ads on a $5 daily budget. This allows me to slowly and cheaply test to make sure everything is working properly before gradually increasing my daily budget

2. Select how long you would like this Campaign to run

*Notice the highlighted area this will show weekly budget

1. Your bid amount determines how effectively Facebook can optimize your ad delivery. Your bid competes in an auction with other advertisers, who also want to reach the same target audience

2. You can schedule your ads for specific hours and days of the week

3. You can choose standard or accelerated delivery. Standard delivery is recommended and the preferred option for most advertisers. Accelerated delivery can be useful for promoting time-sensitive events and quickly reaching a target audience. Manual bid pricing is required for accelerated delivery.

4. Click Continue button

Give your Ad Name a title

If you don’t have an Instagram account connected to your business. The Facebook Page you’ve selected above will be used to represent your business on Instagram.

Select your ad format for this example I’m using a Single Image

You can add up to 6 images here. Most of my ads I test with a single image until I know it is working properly. You can use Facebook Free Stock Images or create your own. Facebook is very fussy with their image ads (they hate text on images). Minimal text is allowed as you can see from my ad.

*Should you create your own image please pay attention to the highlighted area above. My image is 600×315 minimum required to be used on Instagram. All ads I create on FB are 600×315.

*Notice where the Red callouts match the Green callouts. Red controls where Green shows up for example Red #1 Headline is where the Green #1 Headline text shows in the ad

1. Add a brief headline to let people know what your ad is about. This won’t appear in all placements.

2. Add some text that will encourage the end user to take action.

3. Add a button that matches the action you want people to take when they see your ad. Here I selected Signup but a better option would have been Download (this is why we set a $5 budget because it’s easy to make small errors, no worries I’ll fix it)

4. Add additional text to emphasize why people should visit your website. This won’t appear in all placements.

5. This is the URL that will be shown to people who see your ad. It can be a shortened or reformatted link, but it must direct to the same place as your destination URL. This won’t appear in all placements.

*Notice the highlight area clicking this will allow you to add advance options. I’m showing you this area because I use it but is not necessary to get started. Look at this as an advance feature, feel free to skip this if you’re not comfortable.

1. URL parameters you specify here will be appended to or replace existing parameters in URLs. For example, if the URL parameters are specified as key1=val1&key2=val2 and this ad includes the URL www.example.com?key1=test, then the URL will be updated to www.example.com?key1=val1&key2=val2

2. This will measure your website conversions. You’ll see your results in Ads Manager along with performance of your ads.

3. This will measure your offline conversions. You’ll see your results in Ads Manager along with performance of your ads.

Now we need to create our first form. Click New Form button

1. This step is VERY IMPORTANT once you hit save you cannot change the name of your form. Make sure you name your form. (Ask me how I know haha)

2. Welcome Screen is optional but I do not use it and here is my reason why. It makes for another step the end user has to take to complete the action. I’ve tried both and got similar results so I stick with my less is more philosophy here.

This is my favorite part as you can see all that is required is selecting the type of information you want to collect. Any box you check will add it to the form on the right. Here is the great thing about Facebook Lead Generation ads, all of the information is prefilled in all the end user has to do is hit Submit.

Feel free to play around with this section but for my needs all I want here is their email and name.

Facebook requires you to have a Privacy Policy. You can use your own if you have one or you are free to use ours here is the link to it https://www.rocketresponder.com/privacy

1. Link Text add the word Privacy Policy

2. Link URL add a link to the privacy policy

This is where the link to your Thank You page goes. Since I’m giving away a free guide I decided to link directly to the PDF file. However you can link to whatever page you want.

We are done creating our form. Let’s go ahead and click the Finish button at the top of the popup screen.

Make sure you have the form you just created selected (Facebook does this by default but it doesn’t hurt to double check) and click the Green Place Order button

Click the Blue Continue button and will be taken to where your ad now resides in your Facebook Ad Manager.

We are all done here time to move on to RocketResponder.

Linking your Facebook Lead Generate ad leads to your RocketResponder Followup Series

Login to your RocketResponder account

Click the new Facebook Funnel button in the left menu

Click the Login Facebook button above the video tutorial and will be presented with a popup box to link your account

Click the big blue Continue as You button

After connecting your Facebook account with RocketResponder you will see all the Facebook pages you are a manager of.

1. Default List is a catchall and isn’t required. As you can see under RocketResponder I set the catchall to a followup series called RocketResponder Facebook.

2. Manage Forms lets you set Followup Series to individual forms. click the blue View Forms button.

Each individual Facebook form for that Facebook Page will show. Here you can see I named my Facebook Lead Generation form “How Super Affiliate Dominate 1” for this form in the drop down I have select a followup series I’ve written called “Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketers”

That’s it nothing left to do congratulations!

Let me show you one more thing in Facebook Ad Manager

It’s been a few days since I setup my ad. You can see I’ve generated 10 leads at the cost of $3.24 this number goes down dramatically as I tweak my target Audience over time.

Don’t have a RocketResponder account?

That’s ok I’m going to give you 30 days to try this method completely free along with all the other tools in our software suite but that’s not all I’m going to do.. if you’re happy using RocketResponder it’s only $20/m no limitations unlike our competitors who increases their fees as you make more money. We never increase our rates once a customer locks it in. Even if our software goes up in price and features (which it does on a regular basis) you will always pay $20/m period!

Click Here to get RocketResponder FREE for 30 Days than only $20 a month after that. No contracts can cancel at anytime. Cancelling within the 30 day trial will not bill your account. Cancelling is super simple just a giant red button in your account area. No Games No Tricks. We truly care about our customers even if RocketResponder isn’t right for you.

Holiday Emails

An Email Practice We All Know, Yet Rarely Use

We know how important it is to build mailing lists. We’ve been taught since day one that we need to keep in contact with our subscribers, build relationships and ultimately, create customers for life.

We have heard about list segmentation, split testing and every sort of analytic known to man kind that will…”Get more clicks and opens”. Still we forget that behind each and every name and email address is a real live human being.

And with that, the potential of building relationships that have far deeper meaning than just ‘a name on a list’. For example, you can use your email list for something as simple (and awesome) as saying…Happy 4th of July!

Or Merry Christmas. Or Happy Valentine’s Day….Yup you guessed it, when we use our list to send thoughtful greetings to our subscribers, it helps build the relationship.

Crazy right? I mean, this is something WE SHOULD know, yet far too often list owners using their email marketing for just that…Marketing.

How about if we started using our email lists for genuine attempts to send thoughtful messages, holiday greetings, and add the human element back into business.

Might seem strange for some of you…But for others, the message is clear. We need to worry more about the people on our lists and making them feel valued, rather than how many opens and click throughs we get.

Yes that’s all important, but techniques like this (which really isn’t a technique, it’s just the right thing to do) really help build a trust factor with your lists.

Plus, it makes them feel good! It’s a win, win and TRIPLE win!

So while there are plenty of holidays to choose from, why not use your email marketing tool for more than just marketing, and start reminding your subscribers that you value them and are thinking about them during any holiday, and all throughout the year!

affiliate opportunity

The AutoResponder – The Perfect Affiliate Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is an exciting industry. It’s constantly moving and growing. Changing technologies, new software, product launches, a new affiliate opportunity…It truly is the most exciting way to make money online.

The problem is for most new marketers, is trying to find their ‘thing’. What is it that they can sell to their customers and networks that will give them a solid foundation of residual monthly income.

They jump on the newest opportunity that everyone swears by, and find some success…but down the road, the program starts to fizzle out and all their hard work is lost. They try to jump into the software business to develop their own product to sell to the market, but see how much work it is and usually give up before it sees the light of day…

Programs and opportunities come and go. Especially in the affiliate marketing world.

What you need to find is an evergreen product. That will remain as relevant to your business in a year from now as it is today. It never goes out of style and here’s the best part…

When you recommend that program or product to your customers, they don’t join it and disappear in a month. They stick with it. They are as invested in the program years from now as they are today.

That’s why the perfect affiliate opportunity are evergreen products and specifically – The autoresponder!

You see, building a list doesn’t go out of style.

The recommendation from all professional marketers is to build your mailing list and do it each and every day. A mailing list is what you use to TELL your customers about the opportunities you find. This is how you build relationships with your customers over time and develop the reputation for being a marketer of influence.

Simply put, the first thing you need to be doing is building your list when you start an affiliate marketing business.

And this is the advice known throughout the industry….

So what better ‘tool’ to promote to your list…Let’s break it down;

1. It Is Evergreen – Meaning it will be as useful to your customers and your own business in a year from now as it is today!
2. New Customers Don’t Come & Go – Once they find a solid autoresponder company to use, they usually stay with that company for years.
3. It’s Residual Monthly Income – Nothing beats it! You can build a solid affiliate commission pay check simply by recommending to your customers every month, to build their lists!
4. It’s Affordable – Especially with tools like RocketResponder. All savvy marketers have at least $20 a month to build their mailing list. This is a tool that you MUST have for your affiliate business.
5. Opportunities Come And Go, Building Your List Never Goes Out Of Style – Re-read that point a few times and you’ll agree, if you are going to promote a product or service, make it something people will never stop using!

All the check marks are ticked. Promoting an autoresponder is a must for your affiliate marketing business. List growth is the metric that matters and all your customers will hear the message whether it’s from you or someone else.

Why not introduce them to a tool they will use for their entire career? It’s a win-win!

Become Affiliate

whitelist email

Your Quick Cheat Sheet On How To White List Emails

Getting through spam filters is tough these days. And rightfully so, the amount of unwanted emails that flood into your customers inbox is overwhelming to say the least. However what happens when you actually want to receive the emails but your email provider and host filters them into the spam folder?

Not to worry, here is a quick ‘cheat sheet’ on how to white list your emails and make sure you get them delivered to your inbox!

Step 1 – Make sure you add the email address you are expecting to receive the emails from, to your list of contacts. This helps your provider know that these are emails that actually matter to you. This is more likely then not, the most important step in the process.

Step 2 – If the email you wanted ended up in spam, be sure to mark it as ‘Not Spam’. Again, we are working with our email host to let them know what we consider spam and what we consider legitimate emails.

Step 3 – You can also create filters of your own to help guide the emails coming in to whatever folder you would like. Let’s say for example you would like to receive email updates from Rocket Responder. Here’s the step by step process on how to do that, we will be using an example from one of the more popular email providers in the world (Gmail) but steps will be almost identical for other providers;

1. Find the Settings tab on the top of your Gmail account.

2. Click on Filters and then Create New Filter – You can name the Filter whatever you wish to help manage your emails.

3. Enter the domain name of the email you want to whitelist in the From field (Ex. rocketresponder.com)

4. And then click Create filter with this search

5. In the box headed When a message arrives that matches this search select Never send it to spam

6. And then….We’re done after you click ‘Create Filter

That’s it!

When you get into the habit of doing this for all emails you WANT to receive you actually help email senders get better sender scores. This tells the providers that what you are receiving in legit email and that you not only opted into receiving the emails but you actually WANT them as well.

Follow these steps to white list the emails you receive and email marketing continues to be the highest converting form of communication online!

Email Marketing White Label

4 Reasons Why You Need White Label Email Marketing

Sticking out in a crowded market place is tough. Especially in today’s day and age of 140 characters or less, videos that disappear in 10 seconds, and constant barrages of Facebook status updates.

How can you stick out from all the noise?

Email marketing is still at the top of so many check lists when it comes to effective advertising and relationship development. And for good reason. Nothing has a higher ROI when it comes to marketing and getting your message across. Sadly, this is becoming less effective because, like we mentioned, the noise is…Really loud!

You may be new to the term ‘white label email marketing’ or it may be familiar to you. In this brief and informative post, we hope to shed some lights on how white label email marketing can not only increase you bottom line profits, but also get your messages out there for the world to see. Here are 4 reasons why you need white label email marketing for your business:

1. Head-To-Toe Branding
– White label allows you to send emails and communications directly to your mailing lists without the branding of the service you are using. For example, if you are using RocketResponder your subscribers will KNOW it’s an email from RocketResponder. Via the links, the email headers, etc. However with white label the branding is 100% from you. The links, the headers, the logos, the subscriptions links…Everything from head to toe in your email communication is branded to your domain and your brand.

2. Filters Are No Longer The Gatekeepers
– Arguably one of the biggest benefits to using white label is the fact that you are sending from ‘your domain’. What this means is that instead of sharing delivery reputation with tens of thousands of other marketers that are using a popular autoresponder service, you are ONE domain. One name. And one brand. This means that you get through email filters while others have to fight and claw to get their email delivered. This is huge. Because the biggest hurdle facing email marketers, is actually getting their emails READ and delivered. With white label, this is a breeze!

3. SEO Mastery In 5 Minutes Or Less
– All major autoresponder services archive each email sent. And here’s a fun fact, the majority of them point right back to the service that sent the email. All that content, user generated content, pointing right back to the autoresponder service instead of the person that actually wrote the email. White label allows you to not only generate the content, but it’s archived on the web with YOUR DOMAIN name. And guess who loves things like that….Google 😉

4. Brilliantly Professional Yet Cost Effective
– Let’s be honest, separating yourself from the competition is critical. And as we learned, with all the noise out there it’s tough to do. That’s why big companies have been using white label for years. They know that by sending email via white label gets their message into the inbox of their subscriber and looks extremely professional. Their brand, from head to toe. And they could do that because in the past, white label could cost you thousands of dollars a month. It separated the big boys from everyone else…Thank goodness for RocketResponder White Label, the playing field has been leveled for good!

With all that in mind, you can see why white label separates the marketers that walk the walk and not just talk the talk. It’s how you can become a major player in your niche without spending a second mortgage on your email marketing. This is how you build a massive brand by using email marketing that’s cost effective, results driven and brands your business and name for years to come.

Learn More about White Label by RocketResponder