Are Your Headlines The Reason For Low Open Rates? Or Is There Something Else…

It’s been a few months now since Rocket Responder launched White Label.

We create this solution for the email marketers that wanted a premier service that separated them from their competition but more importantly, added guaranteed delivery to their email messages.

White Label was a huge success and marketers around the internet raved at how easy it was to use White Label and of course how affordable it was.

We were stumbling around the internet this past week and found this article that highlighted the new truths for doing any kind of email marketing in 2017…

Here is a snippet email marketers should pay attention to…

email marketing

(Source: Lemon Consulting)

The question was asked…

Was it your headlines that were the cause of low email open rates or was there something else…

The article claims at the end, you MUST find another solution if you want to go ‘cheap’ on your email marketing. An autoresponder service such as Rocket Responder does NOT have your emails going out through budget servers. We spend top dollar to make sure your emails are read and opened.

But what about that extra guarantee?

Is White Label the solution in 2017 to maximize open rates and provide customers with a sure fire way to get their emails into the inboxes of their subscribers?

We think so!

White Label is only a few months old but the results are in…This is your perfect solution for high quality email marketing and management. And the guaranteed way to get your emails read by those that matter most…Your customers and clients!

When Best Selling Authors Start Talking About Building Lists…

Email marketing and building a mailing list isn’t a new revelation for anyone in business. Savvy marketers and business people understand the importance of long term email marketing and relationship building. And while opportunities come and go like the wind, something as effective and important as email marketing gets over looked for the latest and great ‘way to communicate’.

I found two best selling authors that recently have been commenting and writing about how important it is to build your mailing lists…

The first was from Jon Acuff, author of the popular best sellers Do Over, Start and the upcoming Finish. Here’s what he had to say a few days ago on his Facebook wall…

email marketing

Imagine that….

Next was a book I recently read by Ryan Holiday, best selling author of The Obstacle Is The Way and Ego Is The Enemy. This was from his recently released book Perennial Seller. Here’s a snap shot of how feels about building your mailing lists…

email marketing

So we have just 2 quick examples of best selling authors, that not only understand the massive power of email marketing, but are telling their readers and followers that it’s critical to your success.

Obviously…We agree 🙂

And for good reason. Programs come and go. Platforms can come and disappear or change their terms in a heart beat, however what stays the course….Week after week, month after month and year after year.

Your email and customer list!

When you add a subscriber to your RocketResponder account, it’s yours!

You have full access to export that list at anytime so you always have those contacts. That is so important to remember because as long as you are growing your relationships with those lists, it won’t matter what happens in your industry, business opportunity or social platform of choice…Your list is there…Forever!

It truly is your greatest asset in online business and you owe it to yourself now to start building those relationships through email marketing.

Email Marketing 101: Use Lots Of Space

Email marketing is not an exact science.

Sure there are plenty of stats and analytics that get thrown at you from every angle on what works and what doesn’t. So you have to always remind yourself this…Everything you learn and read about, take it as an example of something that MIGHT work for you.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can literally test things on the go and if something doesn’t work right away you can change it and see if it improves your results.

Writing emails isn’t an exact science either. A huge chunk of effective email marketing is yes, writing better emails for your readers so in this short blog post, we hope to give you some tips that has helped us over the years but should never be taken as gospel.

This works for us, and the only way you will find out if it works for you is to roll up your sleeves and press ‘Broadcast!’

When you are writing an email to your list, use lots of space!

And what we mean by that is….

“Don’t just write a huge block of text like I’m about to do here. Sure it might be proper formatting and proper english or whatever. But effective email copy breaks things up into easy to digest sentences and paragraphs. We are not trying to bore our readers and make them stop reading what we send. And unfortunately when we just use run on sentences and massive paragraphs, again like this example, you will bore your readers and it will not grab their attention at all. Are you getting tired of reading this paragraph yet? I know I would be if it was in an email. So please, don’t write to your lists using huge massive paragraphs like this. It’s the quickest way to get your email deleted….”

Phewwwwww….I’m glad that is over!

Do you see how that could just bore your readers to death? But how about using lots of space and breaking up your email into simple sentences and paragraphs like this!

– Use bullet points as well!

  1. Or maybe use numbered lists like this.
  2. This is very effective at grabbing attention in the body of your email.

Those examples above really help and the most important thing to remember is that…

People will scan emails, they won’t spend 15 minutes reading them.

So make your most important facts and messages stick out and easily found. You do this by using lots of space, new sentences, bullet points, numbered lists and simple short paragraphs.

Try this out in your broadcasts and see if it gets better results 🙂

Avoid Corporate Speak To Get Your Emails Read & Acted On

A golden rule of email marketing is to always ‘write’ your emails in a personal way and avoid as much corporate speak as possible. It’s great advice if you think about the DNA of every single email list you create…It’s made up of real people!

Each with different goals, dreams and businesses. So when you start throwing around big words to make yourself sound important, a lot of that will be viewed as corporate talk and your message will more than likely be ignored.

A huge tip to try in the next email you send is to write them like you are talking to ONE person.

Think of each person you are sending the email to, but write like you are having a one to one conversation with them. This is a huge tip to not only get more people on your list reading your emails, but to also get a lot more action and clicks throughout the message.

And you can understand why on a purely human scale….People do business with those they know, like and trust. So when you are treating your broadcasts as a conversation between two people instead of between 10,000 your message has more emotion. The greater chances you have to get big results when you treat people on your list…Well…Like people 🙂

Seems too simple doesn’t it? Just write like you would if you were talking to your best friend. How would you structure an email to a family member? Would you use corporate language and brag about all your accomplishments? Or would you be treating the relationship you have with that person with respect and adding value to them.

That’s the golden rule of writing awesome emails, you have to write like you are talking to one, even if you are broadcasting to thousands. When you do this, trust is built and more action is taken by your readers.

What Is The Best Time & Day To Send Emails?

We’re about to open Pandora’s box in this blog post…

Ask any marketer or professional marketing firm and they’ll give you stats and numbers that’ll make your head spin. From the type of customers, to the segmenting of your lists, there is a lot of confusion when you type in Google…

“What is the best time & day to send emails?”

There are so many factors to consider. From what your subscriber lists are used to, to what kind of business you may be in. To weekend vs weekday broadcasts to whether or not you should send all email on Eastern time…

It’s a mess.

I can sit here and tell you that the most opens and action we get when we send broadcats at 8pm on weekdays. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes we send an email on Sundays and get huge open rates.

The biggest advice I could give you without making your head spin is…Track for yourself where you get the best results!

That’s not only a great practice to get into for business but you’ll start discovering what your lists react and act to. That truly is the best advice.

That being said, there are some fantastic resources out there that can help you and guide you in the right direction, take for example Propellor’s 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide and Infographic. This is a great guide to help you get some ideas on when the best days of the week COULD be…Could is the key word here.

Track, and find out for yourself!

Is there a perfect time and day to send?

I don’t think that question will ever get answered because each list is unique. Even the segmented lists without your Rocket Responder account will have different ‘prime times’ to get better action with your broadcasts.

The beauty of building your lists and email marketing is that you get to find out by testing…You wont upset your lists for sending an email at 4 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon, as long as you are building the relationships and proving value…

In every single broadcast!