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Your Greatest Business Opportunity Online

Staying the course is hard in online business.

We are bombarded with offers, claims of instant riches and countless schemes on a daily basis. Not only does it get confusing but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a great opportunity and someone just trying to get your hard earned money.

One of the biggest benefits of focusing on email marketing and building your own mailing lists is that YOU become your greatest opportunity.

Think about that for a moment…

In today’s day and age if you have access to the internet and a few marketing tools, you are in business for yourself. Read that again….You are in business for YOURSELF!

And you’ll hear time and time again, the biggest asset you will ever own in business is your customer list…AKA your email list.

email marketing

So this is why ‘staying the course’ is so critical and the most successful marketers online focus on building their email lists each and every day.

It’s as simple as that, and I’m not trying to over simplify building an online business but you need to get into the habit of doing these 3 things as much as you can, as often as you can:

1. Build your email list with targeted leads
2. Send REGULAR emails to that list
3. Build your personal brand by being active in social media / blogs

Doing these 3 things consistently has helped thousands of new online marketers and experienced ones at that. You just can’t beat this formula.

Sure there is more work to be done and the ones that hustle the most win, but this is investing in YOU!

Remember, you are in business for yourself and your greatest opportunity truly is, your own business!

We now accept Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a worldwide cryptocurrency which makes it easy to send and receive payments over the internet. It is a safe and secure way of transferring funds and is processed quickly. You can find payment buttons for Bitcoin Cash by going to the billing page and selecting the crypto link.

Why not Bitcoin (Core)?

Bitcoin Core is a self proclaimed “store of value” and isn’t designed to be used as a method of daily transactions. Bitcoin Cash however is designed for commerce. It’s fast, cheap to send funds, and works similar to Bitcoin Core.

Will you be accepting other cryptocurrencies?

We are using AcceptCrypto to accept Bitcoin Cash. We plan on accepting any cryptocurrency that is supported on AcceptCrypto as it makes it easy to integrate with RocketResponder.

Where can I find out more about Bitcoin Cash?

You can find out more at

Building Awareness To Build Your Email Lists

A huge part of building thriving email lists is to bring massive awareness to you and your brand.

Sounds simple on paper and makes perfect sense when you think about it. The more people that know you, the better chance you have for them to sign up to your lists.

A closer look at a typical sales funnel will show you where the top of the funnel needs the most attention…


So far so good, but then you start learning that the quickest way to build awareness for your brand and subscriber lists is through paid traffic which can start becoming quite the expense.

Here a few tips and tricks to bring massive awareness to your business, while not breaking your bank;

1. Blogs – Setting up a blog is a must for most businesses. You need a central hub where you can deliver great content for your customers and bring awareness to what you are offering. A blog is the perfect platform. And what’s great about this, is the more you work on your blog, the bigger your email lists become.

2. Social Media – We live in a connected world and it’s a big part of your marketing strategy to network and connect with others. Social media allows you to do this. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn…No matter what the platform…You are bringing awareness to your business in every single status update and post!

3. Online Forums – One of the better places online to build awareness is through online communities that can be found in forums. Now a word of advice, don’t go into a forum blasting your email list and telling people to sign up. You must become a VALUABLE member of the community. but once you do, look out! This will help your business more than you will ever know!

4. Face To Face Networking Events – This might take a little bit of effort on your part to find out the offline meetings in your area, but if you arrive with a stack of business cards in your hand, get ready to bring some great awareness to what you do and how you do it! These type of events are gems for building your network and generating interest in what you offer.

These are just a few examples of low cost and free ways to generate awareness for your business. And the more awareness you bring, the more your funnel starts to get filled up 🙂

Let Us Talk About Followup Series

Email marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful tools available to businesses both large and small. The wonderful thing about email marketing is that the same marketing and advertising tactics that are being used by the big corporations can also be implemented by the small business owner as well in order to get big results. The trick to great email marketing is in understanding some of the different tactics used and the timing of when to use what.

An email follow up series is all about timing. Once you have effectively obtained a lead, they have opted in by offering their email address, the real work of landing the sale starts. Your email follow up series is the tool that will help you finish convincing the lead that you are the choice they should make, or to encourage the lead to continue making purchases.

Use Your Tools

Most small businesses which are using some type of email marketing software or marketing automation software have at their fingertips email follow up series capabilities, but most companies do not put this important tool to work. Why? Because most business owners feel intimidated by the prospect of mapping out their objectives and then writing up the pre-arrange emails. What these business owners do not realize, however, is that an email follow up series is a small time investment which will continue to build your business, land sales and increase your revenue for a long time to come.

What Is a Follow Up Series?

A follow up series is quick simply a series of email messages which are automatically sent out to leads (potential or returning customers) with more information or encouragement to make a purchase or respond to your message in some way. Your email follow-up series is quite literally the best and most authentic way to engage people in your brand and get them committed to be a part of your online community as well as a “free” advertiser. People share brands and messages that they enjoy and believe in.

What Should A Follow Up Series Consist Of?

A follow up series of emails should consist of a couple of different kinds of messages.

  • Thank You– The thank you message should be sent immediately after a purchase or after an opt in. This will also offer an email confirmation to cement the address to your list.
  • Let’s Get Started or Welcome– This message or a variation of it is a way to reach out to the lead to connect on a deeper level. This is a good time to invite them to share your brand on their social media, making sure that sharing capabilities can easily be done from the email itself.
  • This Way to Great Content– This message will refer the lead back to your website where they can find new, relevant content (articles, blogs, offers) to help them in whatever niche your product, service or brand promises to assist them.
  • Make the Most of…- This message will offer your lead tips to ensure success with the product, brand or service. This is also a great time to encourage your lead to share content with others who might also need this brand, product or service.
  • Bonuses– Everyone loves bonuses and free gifts. At this point in the relationship with your lead you should offer a bonus of some time. The most inexpensive way to keep leads interested is with free content. Content is free for you because you can create it, and it appealing to the lead because it will continue to help them along whatever path they started out on with your product, brand or service. Bonus content can come in the form of free e-books, articles, videos, tutorials or webinars.
  • How Pleased Are You?– This message will seek to engage the lead on an even deeper level by giving them the opportunity to offer feedback. Feedback can be offered in the form of a testimonial. This has a twofold purpose. One is makes the lead feel special and necessary to the brand and two it provides you with important marketing feedback which can help you improve your marketing strategies.

Results from Yesterdays Affiliate Email

Showing you what I do on a daily basis isn’t good enough if you don’t see results right? I always want to see realistic results from a method so I have evidence that it works before I start using it. I call it a method but let’s be honest what I did in yesterday video was stupid simple, if you haven’t checked it out yet here it is so you can see for yourself anyone could have done this

As you can see from the results they are realistic and I’m not showing you a method I use to generate that fake “$385,837.11 in 7 days”. While the $488.65 isn’t a mind blowing number for the amount of time and effort it took me I’d call it a win.

Now I know what you’re thinking Justin you have 2 unfair advantages and it does make this unrealistic for someone like me. You can write emails and I struggle with putting words together that generate interest and sales. You have bunch of massive lists!

Good point but let me disspell a few things here.

#1 I’m terrible at writing emails so much so over the years I’ve learned to use the affiliates swipe files. A swipe file is a prewritten email the program owner has provided it’s affiliates and almost every time it’s better than what I can write. Yes Jon Olson writes his own emails and he’s quite good at it, congratz for him! Guess what I’m terrible and you can see I still generated $488.65 using the standard swipe file. Is there an advantage to writing your own emails? Sure but that should never stop you from doing as there is an advantage of using someone else’s words too. Now you know my dirty secret and the secret of a lot of other successful affiliate marketers.

#2 Well this one isn’t as cut and dry. What I can say here to encourage you is I only started taking list building seriously 4 years ago. While that might sound like an eternity while you try to do the same know that it went by fast, very very fast. The great thing about list building is the only hard part is getting the ball rolling. Once you start mastering a way to generate leads you start learning new ways to generate leads and next thing you know you are a lead sucking master. Master 1 and eat forever, maybe not prime rib every night but we looking for realistic results not overnight riches.

Good luck with your list building ventures and keep your eyes peeled here for more videos showing how we build and earn from our lists.