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Tips To Create Better Plain Text Emails

So I have a confession…

I know RocketResponder has one of the easiest to use HTML editors on the market. We developed it with the novice in mind so they could easiest and effectively create attention grabbing email templates. I think it’s pretty neat technology and am very excited that so many of our members enjoy it’s full capabilities…

That being said…I write 99% of the emails I draft…In plain text!

I’m old school I guess. I love the written word in plain black ink on a white background, but that doesn’t mean that creating plain text emails has to be boring. In this blog post, I’m going to go over a few tips that have helped me get great open and click through rates using only the text editor inside of RocketResponder.

Here’s how to get better open and click through rates using plain text emails;

1. It Starts & Ends With The Subject Line – No matter if you choose to create an HTML email or plain text email, it won’t matter unless you grab people’s attention with a solid subject line. This is your ‘key’ to get your readers to open the email!

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2. Use The Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike Through Options! – This adds so much to your copy! Plain text email doesn’t have to be run on sentences for 3 paragraphs and then a P.S. to seal the deal. You need to add features to the copy that pulls attention and eyes towards it. So bold certain points in the text! Use italics when you are trying to highlight something! Underline things, use a strike through feature hen you want to cross out a price and add a ‘special deal’ or similar. Get creative and the body of your email will stick out to the reader!

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3. Add Different Font Sizes To Your Copy – This is a great way to make a BIG point or create a change of pace within your copy. Don’t make the text TOO big but it’s a good idea to play with this feature and see what works best. I’ve started doing this recently and have been getting great results in open rates.

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4. Use Lists & Bullet Points To Add Much More To Your Copy – This is a trick master ad copy writers have been using for years. They know people want the information quickly and might just be scanning your emails. So give it to them in bite sized chunks!

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There are so many features in your basic text editor at RocketResponder that you will be blown away. The best part about writing emails in plain text is…You see what you get right away! No need to create a Picasso with your HTML and design skills, just an effective straight forward text email!

Play around and see what you can come up 🙂

I hope this post helps you create epic emails every single day!

text emails

6 thoughts on “Tips To Create Better Plain Text Emails

  1. I guess I am old school like you or maybe just a bit shy of things like HTML. You made some great points here that I will be trying to use more of in the future. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Appreciate the comments Carla. Yeah I just prefer to draft things in text based format…But using some of the tools in text based can still make your emails really pop!

  2. Old school is the way to go. And it’s easier than a lot of other responser out there, and may I add the price is unbelievable . But I would like to add my logo to every email I write. Other than that I love it.

  3. RR is the easiest editor to create emails I have ever used. It’s why I decided to become a customer and actually use your autoresponder above others. Thanks for the tips mate!

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