I Don’t Know What Do I Write About & Other Excuses We Tell Ourselves Daily

People usually roll their eyes when they hear this speech…

“You need to build your mailing list…”

We get it! The money is in the list. The fortune is in the follow up. And that’s fine and dandy for writers who can come up with words with little to no effort. But what about me? I don’t know how to write properly and to be honest, I have no idea WHAT to write about in the first place….

Sound familiar right?

Here’s a little fact about writing emails, blog posts and any kind of content online…You literally need to find inspiration daily to come up with stuff to put out there!

Speaking from my own experience, I’m nose deep in a book daily. I discover things that inspire me when reading and always find something to write about and share to my lists.

Maybe reading isn’t your thing?

You can watch videos on YouTube or Dtube from content creators that can spark and idea or two…

Maybe you find inspiration from podcasts….There are thousands to choose from!!

You see, being motivated to write and create content on blogs and emails is an ‘inside job’, meaning if you just expect someone to show you the way, you will be disappointed.

Here’s a quick action plan on how to get fired up and discover your passion for writing…

1. Find your niche – And when I say ‘niche’ I mean your PASSION! For example if you love dogs and hate cats, it’s a pretty good game plan to NOT write about cats. I know that’s an obvious solution but sadly a lot of people try to write emails about things they really have no passion for. If you LOVE something, you will get pumped up to write about it, share it and discuss it!

2. Find your inspiration – Whether it’s books, podcasts, videos, whatever…Surround yourself with fantastic content and learn from it. When I first started diving into email and writing blogs I actually read the emails that came into my inbox. I learned from the masters of email marketing and found inspiration that way. Whatever works for you…Try it 🙂

3. It’s a daily grind
– Remember, inspiration comes from anywhere but the motivation to grind every day comes from within. You need a constant source of motivation and for me it’s remembering this simple truth I’ve shared in previous posts…

Remember….It’s the daily habits that start snowballing into BIG wins!

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What Do I Write About & Other Excuses We Tell Ourselves Daily

    1. Absolutely. The worst thing on earth for me when I’m coming up with ideas is thinking ‘I’ll remember them’…Write it down THEN and there. Great advice Joe!

  1. Every now and then I get “writers block” and most of the time I can come up good topics to write about from what I’m learning and experiencing.

    Overall, sound advice man!

    1. Thank you sir. Oh believe me…it’s the worst LOL Trying to find something to draft and press ‘send’ on….Daily inspiration is the only answer I have found lol

  2. It’s funny that writing a email to your list can be mine blowing. But finding inspiration on the Internet or even YouTube or maybe sometime on social media can spark ideas for fresh new content for email writing. I even have those days where writing sometime, just can fine an idea. This post give me an new idea.

    Thanks much….

    1. Oh completely agree…Heck I’ll read someone’s quote on Instagram and it’ll fire me up. Or a short video on Dtube / Steemit and get ready to tackle any writing project in front of me….Keep your eyes out, there is inspiration everywhere!

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