Building This Asset Will Save Your Business One Day

Let’s take a second and discuss the most important asset you will ever own for your online business…

Programs come and go…

Opportunities that are sure fire hits may disappear down the road.

Changes in regulations, laws and business practices are always a possibility when you start to create something online. However there is one asset that you can rely on that stands the test of time and will always be your most valuable asset in online business.

Your email list!

Call it your customer list, subscribers, email list whatever…It may actually save your business one day.

Here’s a story you may have heard…It might be urban legend but there is so much truth to it.

A long time successful entrepreneur was once asked, if their business crumbled what would be their most important asset they would need to start over. Without hesitation the entrepreneur said their customer list.

Not their office.

Not their computers.

Not their cars.

Not their frequent flyer miles.

But their customer list!

The entrepreneur went on to say, they could rebuild anything because they had the two most important things they would need to start a business….Their knowledge and their customer lists.

This is why we’re not only huge fans of partnering with you to build your customer list, but we are also raving fans of building an asset that could potentially save your business in the years to come.

Hey being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster. You will have plenty of ‘up’s’ but you will also have some downs. Focusing today on building your email list is a way to hedge your experiences so you don’t get too far down on the entrepreneurial journey!

Like we said above, programs can come and go like the wind. And that opportunity you think will be there forever may not be online in a few months from now…But that email list will! And the relationship you build with those people on your list can serve your business for years to come, no matter what life throws at you!

2 thoughts on “Building This Asset Will Save Your Business One Day

  1. Reading this blogpost give me an update on how important it is to have or build a list. It’s very healthy to have a solution for up and downs in the online Business. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start an online Business.

    1. Agreed! And thanks for the comments Curtis. Yeah it’s the best fail safe game plan just in case things may happen to your business….And if you are in business for yyourself…You know that things Do happen LOL

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