How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With RocketResponder

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When you write a blog post you want it to be seen by as many people as possible.

Whether you are writing to inform, entertain, amuse, educate, influence or persuade, you will need an audience to make it all worthwhile.

Ideally you will want people to come back every time you write something new and share your words of wisdom with their friends.

Back in 2005 RSS feeds were the preferred method of alerting people when your blog had been updated, but since then they have rapidly declined in popularity.

Thankfully there is a modern, email-based solution which works to drive targeted traffic to any blog in any niche you care to name.

RocketResponder allows your blog subscribers to be alerted by email every time you write a new post so that your most avid fans never have to miss anything you write.

The results can be immediate with your blog getting a surge in traffic as soon as people get to know about the new content. Combine this with social media links, where your blog readers are encouraged to share your posts, and your traffic statistics can really be dramatic.

RocketResponder is a versatile and affordable tool which allows you to communicate with your subscribers. You can use it to:

– send out alerts when you post new content

– build relationships and boost engagement with your readers

– send exclusive email content directly to your subscribers

– give your best subscribers bonuses or exclusive access to you

– provide help and support

– ask for feedback and much more.

How it works.

1. Sign up to RocketResponder

2. Follow the simple steps to add a new list. It is just a matter of filling in a few lines of information.

adding a new list with RocketResponder

Don’t worry if you have never done this before as there is line-by-line help available to guide you through the process.

Step by step help when adding a list to RocketResponder

Next you will need to add subscribers to your list – these are the people who will receive an email from you each time your blog is updated.

Now here is the really clever part…simply creating the list will automatically generate a unique URL from which people can subscribe to your new list.

So, for example, here is the link to the URL to sign up to this RocketResponder blog.

Click it for yourself and see what happens…you can even sign up the blog if you want to and you will be alerted each time new content is uploaded.

Subscribe to RocketResponder blog list screenshot3. Next you need to enter your blog information so that RocketResponder knows when you post new content. Click on “Manage Blogs” and “Add A Blog” and provide the information required.

Adding a blog to RocketResponder and linking it to your list

With RocketResponder you can have several different lists on the one account. You can choose to inform as many or as few lists as you want about your blog updates. Or if you have several different blogs you can use the one RocketResponder account to manage your subscriber lists for each one and keep them all informed of new content.

RocketResponder will also let you to embed a sign-up form directly to your blog so that new visitors are promoted to subscribe as soon as they land on your site.

There is no complicated code to learn and you can have the entire process completed in just minutes leaving you more time to work on producing awesome content.

There are also two short video tutorials to guide you through the process listed above and the videos can be found below.

Video Tutorial: How To Create A List With RocketResponder

Video Tutorial: How To Add A Blog With RocketResponder

Don’t miss out on blog traffic any longer. Join RocketResponder today and your subscribers need never miss another of your blog posts again.


Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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