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Tips To Create Better Plain Text Emails

So I have a confession…

I know RocketResponder has one of the easiest to use HTML editors on the market. We developed it with the novice in mind so they could easiest and effectively create attention grabbing email templates. I think it’s pretty neat technology and am very excited that so many of our members enjoy it’s full capabilities…

That being said…I write 99% of the emails I draft…In plain text!

I’m old school I guess. I love the written word in plain black ink on a white background, but that doesn’t mean that creating plain text emails has to be boring. In this blog post, I’m going to go over a few tips that have helped me get great open and click through rates using only the text editor inside of RocketResponder.

Here’s how to get better open and click through rates using plain text emails;

1. It Starts & Ends With The Subject Line – No matter if you choose to create an HTML email or plain text email, it won’t matter unless you grab people’s attention with a solid subject line. This is your ‘key’ to get your readers to open the email!

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2. Use The Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike Through Options! – This adds so much to your copy! Plain text email doesn’t have to be run on sentences for 3 paragraphs and then a P.S. to seal the deal. You need to add features to the copy that pulls attention and eyes towards it. So bold certain points in the text! Use italics when you are trying to highlight something! Underline things, use a strike through feature hen you want to cross out a price and add a ‘special deal’ or similar. Get creative and the body of your email will stick out to the reader!

text emails

3. Add Different Font Sizes To Your Copy – This is a great way to make a BIG point or create a change of pace within your copy. Don’t make the text TOO big but it’s a good idea to play with this feature and see what works best. I’ve started doing this recently and have been getting great results in open rates.

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4. Use Lists & Bullet Points To Add Much More To Your Copy – This is a trick master ad copy writers have been using for years. They know people want the information quickly and might just be scanning your emails. So give it to them in bite sized chunks!

text emails

There are so many features in your basic text editor at RocketResponder that you will be blown away. The best part about writing emails in plain text is…You see what you get right away! No need to create a Picasso with your HTML and design skills, just an effective straight forward text email!

Play around and see what you can come up 🙂

I hope this post helps you create epic emails every single day!

text emails


I Don’t Know What Do I Write About & Other Excuses We Tell Ourselves Daily

People usually roll their eyes when they hear this speech…

“You need to build your mailing list…”

We get it! The money is in the list. The fortune is in the follow up. And that’s fine and dandy for writers who can come up with words with little to no effort. But what about me? I don’t know how to write properly and to be honest, I have no idea WHAT to write about in the first place….

Sound familiar right?

Here’s a little fact about writing emails, blog posts and any kind of content online…You literally need to find inspiration daily to come up with stuff to put out there!

Speaking from my own experience, I’m nose deep in a book daily. I discover things that inspire me when reading and always find something to write about and share to my lists.

Maybe reading isn’t your thing?

You can watch videos on YouTube or Dtube from content creators that can spark and idea or two…

Maybe you find inspiration from podcasts….There are thousands to choose from!!

You see, being motivated to write and create content on blogs and emails is an ‘inside job’, meaning if you just expect someone to show you the way, you will be disappointed.

Here’s a quick action plan on how to get fired up and discover your passion for writing…

1. Find your niche – And when I say ‘niche’ I mean your PASSION! For example if you love dogs and hate cats, it’s a pretty good game plan to NOT write about cats. I know that’s an obvious solution but sadly a lot of people try to write emails about things they really have no passion for. If you LOVE something, you will get pumped up to write about it, share it and discuss it!

2. Find your inspiration – Whether it’s books, podcasts, videos, whatever…Surround yourself with fantastic content and learn from it. When I first started diving into email and writing blogs I actually read the emails that came into my inbox. I learned from the masters of email marketing and found inspiration that way. Whatever works for you…Try it 🙂

3. It’s a daily grind
– Remember, inspiration comes from anywhere but the motivation to grind every day comes from within. You need a constant source of motivation and for me it’s remembering this simple truth I’ve shared in previous posts…

Remember….It’s the daily habits that start snowballing into BIG wins!


Building This Asset Will Save Your Business One Day

Let’s take a second and discuss the most important asset you will ever own for your online business…

Programs come and go…

Opportunities that are sure fire hits may disappear down the road.

Changes in regulations, laws and business practices are always a possibility when you start to create something online. However there is one asset that you can rely on that stands the test of time and will always be your most valuable asset in online business.

Your email list!

Call it your customer list, subscribers, email list whatever…It may actually save your business one day.

Here’s a story you may have heard…It might be urban legend but there is so much truth to it.

A long time successful entrepreneur was once asked, if their business crumbled what would be their most important asset they would need to start over. Without hesitation the entrepreneur said their customer list.

Not their office.

Not their computers.

Not their cars.

Not their frequent flyer miles.

But their customer list!

The entrepreneur went on to say, they could rebuild anything because they had the two most important things they would need to start a business….Their knowledge and their customer lists.

This is why we’re not only huge fans of partnering with you to build your customer list, but we are also raving fans of building an asset that could potentially save your business in the years to come.

Hey being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster. You will have plenty of ‘up’s’ but you will also have some downs. Focusing today on building your email list is a way to hedge your experiences so you don’t get too far down on the entrepreneurial journey!

Like we said above, programs can come and go like the wind. And that opportunity you think will be there forever may not be online in a few months from now…But that email list will! And the relationship you build with those people on your list can serve your business for years to come, no matter what life throws at you!

Why Signature Lines & Post Scripts Are So Important…

When creating content to send via email, there are plenty of articles and presentations out there that describe how important your headline and subject line are…

Entire courses online are dedicated to not only that start of your email copy but also the body of it as well.

And I’m not trying to take anything away from how important those parts of your copy are however something I read recently captured my attention when it comes to drafting the perfect email.

In a recent article on MarketingProfs.com, the author showcased how studies done in eye tracking emails, focused on the email signatures and the banners that senders could add to their copy.

And when you think about it…When you read emails…Where do your eyes quickly travel to?

I know in my case, it’s almost always the P.S. or the bottom of the copy.

Why is that?

I do believe that we want to get to the nitty gritty as soon as possible. Is there an offer that we will discover at the bottom of the email? What’s the call to action and main purpose of the email….We tend to find all those answers in our post scripts and signature lines.

Try it out!

Try to play and have fun with your signature lines and post scripts and I believe you will see an increase in click through rates as well as action taking via your broadcasts.

Did you know that you can broadcast your messages using RocketResponder for one low fee every month? It doesn’t matter if you have 100 people on your mailing list or 100,000. We don’t charge you a mortgage payment for your email marketing like others tend to do 😉 Try us out for free for 30 days today!

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Email Marketing, Crypto & Your Autoresponder Needs

We might not be the first major autoresponder to accept crypto currency as a form of payment, but we’re one of the first for sure 🙂

We mentioned this in November when we started accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment option for our members and so far, the response has been fantastic!

bitcoin cash accepted at rocketresponder

We’re seeing more and more email marketers starting to take a strong look at crypto as a payment option for their marketing needs and Bitcoin Cash is just the start for us….

We plan on adding a few more coins as payment options but right now, BCH has been a great experience for us.

If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin Cash, be sure to check the currency out here!

Can we predict the future of crypto as a viable payment option for email marketing?

No one knows for sure, but everything we have researched points to the perfect match for our services. Of course you can always use our secure credit card processors but we don’t think marketers around the world should ignore crypto and it’s potential for your business.

It’s a digital economy and we’re excited to be a part of the future! For not only RocketResponder but email marketers around the world.

Let’s go and make some history 🙂