The Indoctrination Email & Why It’s So Important

Let’s be brutally honest, how many times do you sign up to someone’s mailing list and the first email you get looks something like this…

“Hi [name] , Its awesome to have you on my list…Now go buy this product because I really like it!”

Tongue in cheek I know, but sadly this seems to be how so many people start a relationship with their brand new subscribers.

A pitch!

And what better way to LOSE that subscriber for life.

Today we’re going to look at the first email you should be sending your mailing lists and break it down in parts. You’ll see why the ‘Indoctrination Email’ is not only the most important email you will send, it could change your email marketing for ever!

What is an Indoctrination Email?

Simply put, it’s an email designed to get your brand new subscriber familiar with who you are and what you will be offering them when they stay subscribed to your list.

So it’s important to make a great first impression!

You want your new subscriber to feel valued and welcomed to the list. You do that obviously by thanking them for joining.

Here’s a sample of you might want to put into your first email…

“Hey [name] ,

It’s awesome to have you on board and thank you so much for joining our community! Please take a few minutes to read this email, it’ll help you get familiar with our company and what you can expect to receive in your inbox over the next few days and weeks!”

Next I’ll add a bit of humor to make people know, I’m not a robot. I’m a real human being writing this email and I understand why ‘another email’ might not be exactly what they are dying to get…

“More emails? I can see you rolling your eyes already…But stick with me for a minute, I promise you that you will get some great tips and tricks form these emails and I will only send you information that will be of value to you!

Trust me! I understand the frustration with excessive emails, so I’ll keep them brief and to the point. You won’t need more than a few minutes to read them when they arrive :)”

Did you see what I did there?

I not only added slight humor, but also helped reassure them that they made the right decision to not only join the list, but stay subscribed. Also, I wanted to make sure they knew I valued them! This is critical.

Next, I want to briefly go over a few action steps I would like my new subscriber to do. This is so important for a few reasons…

First, it gets my subscribers into the habit of actually clicking links when they get my emails. I would like them to take action on everything I send, so this first one helps get them familiar with actually clicking the links I may send in the future

Second, we want to PULL people into the lines of communication and while email is a fantastic way to send messages, isn’t the best to have two way communication in.

So I’d do something like this…

“Before we get started, I truly believe that because you joined my list, you are serious about success. So I would LOVE to get in contact with you. However that can be tricky if you don’t have my emails whitelisted.

Step 1 – Be sure to white list (link to your white list instruction page) all emails from ( This will guarantee that you get all communications from me and I don’t end up in the email filter abyss…

Step 2 – Like I said, I would LOVE to connect with you. Here are my personal Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Please do follow me on each and let me know when you do so. I’ll be sure to follow you back and add you as a friend!

Step 3 – And finally, be sure to look out for (TITLE OF MY NEXT EMAIL) that will be arriving in your inbox tomorrow. I’ve got some fantastic things that I can’t wait to share with you then…

And of course, be sure to poke around my personal blog and check out my more popular blog topics. This will give you a great start on everything we will be going over in this email series!

And then finally, I’ll send the indoctrination email with another message of gratitude and excitement for the future potential relationship my subscriber and I will share…

“Thank you once again for joining my list, I’m so grateful that you have allowed me into your inbox! I can’t wait to connect with you on social media and please remember, if you have any questions at all, I’m only a quick email away…

(insert your personal email here)

Yours in success,

Jon Olson”

Here is an example of the welcome letter Justin wrote for RocketResponder:

So putting this all together….

The purpose of this email is to get people to know you!

Find out what you offer and what they expect from being on your email list. The critical point is to PULL people back to you. Get them to take action on this first email by getting them to white list your emails and connect with you on social media.

This builds the relationship from day one!

And when you start the relationship off on the right foot, the future will be so much brighter.

One Click List Importing? Yeah, We’ve Got That!

We’ve had quite a busy summer here at RocketResponder!

First we introduced savvy email marketers to White Label and made state of the art professional email marketing available to any one! No need to spend thousands on your own servers and email software, with White Label, you can leverage the power of professional email marketing right from your RocketResponder account.

Next we added Facebook Funnel which allowed members to capitalize off the massive potential of building your lists through Facebook advertising.

And finally, last month we added Lead Page our in shop squeeze and lead page generator. Which is included in every RocketResponder account and allows you to make stunning visual sites with a simple drag and drop editor.

So how do we end the summer?

We introduce One-Click List Importing!

one click list import

Why the need for list importing?

Not only was this one of the most sought after features for our service, but we didn’t want our customers to have to jump thorough hoops to get their lists imported.

No matter what the source, you can now upload your source file for your lists and presto…One click and you are good to go!

Unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers!

The hassle members had to go through before was too much. So instead we created this service to be at your service anytime you need it.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Be sure to log into your RocketResponder account now and try it out. You never need to send in support tickets again to get your lists imported. One click, that’s all there is to it 🙂

Phew…..It’s been a busy summer….

I wonder what we have planned next for the fall 🙂 Stay tuned!

The Importance Of Constant Communication

“Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it makes the heart go wander…”

I was reading a book recently when this quote struck me…

How true it is!

In online business, we sometimes think our customers will ‘remember’ us out of loyalty. In a nutshell, we get cocky! We think we are the center of the universe and forget about how important it is to communication regularly with our customers.

One of the best parts of focusing on email marketing is the ability you have to stay in constant communication with your clients and subscribers.

I can’t stress this enough…

Let’s be honest, your customers are under a barrage of influences. From marketing messages, to Facebook and Twitter notifications, family drama to what’s happening on The Bachelorette. We live in a world where 140 characters may be too much information for us to take in all at once…

Out of sight, out of mind?

No, it’s more like too much for me to keep up with!

So that’s why staying in front of your clients and subscribers is so important. In fact, I would argue that email marketing is one of the best ways to not only do that but also a MUST for any marketer or business person to make a real impact on their customer base.

You simply need to be in front of your customers as much as you can. And while some folks may think sending an email to their mailing lists daily could be overkill, I think you still should be in contact AT THE MINIMUM of 2 times a week.

2 times a week?

Yeah, and that’s a minimum. Now I know you may argue that it may be to much for your lists to handle, but trust me on this…Your subscribers might read you email in the morning and forget you even sent it in the afternoon.

So as long as you are providing VALUE in your communication, they will actually appreciate it.

Yes, that does mean that you must work on your relationship with your list but at the end of the day, constant communication is the right move for your email marketing.

It doesn’t have to be every day, but you should still come up with a game plan to provide useful and valuable content to your lists and subscribers at least twice a week.

Words To Include Vs. Words To Exclude In Your Emails

Writing emails can be a huge task for even the more seasoned email marketer. Creating great copy and messages that not only get opened but acted on is crucial for email marketing success.

And while there are a million and one words that seem to ‘trigger’ spam filters, what I wanted to focus on today was more of the format within the emails, rather than listing the 1001 words that MIGHT trigger a spam filter.

Over the past decade I’ve been writing emails for clients as well as my websites and have found obviously that we want to write as if we are talking to an individual, so that right there is the first piece of advice. Like I mentioned in previous blog pot, try to avoid big words and ‘corporate’ talk…But here are a few words you can use to get higher click throughs and some that might scare your readers away…

Words To Include:

Demo – This is great if you are promoting a specific tool or service that your readers can test drive. The word ‘demo’ is an action word that creates curiosity. I love putting this in my copy because there is no risk to the reader. It’s not asking them to ‘pay’ for anything, it’s asking them to try something out…And people LOVE to give things a test drive.

Opportunity – This word has to be used ethically. Without sounding like a pitch man, the word opportunity actually helps your reader see potential in what you are writing about. This pulls at their curiosity and is a very effective word to get action with your emails.

Connect – This should be used in your indoctrination emails (aka the first emails you send to your subscribers) We are always ‘pushing’ emails to people, this word helps PULL people back to us. Connecting with your readers is critical and using the word ‘connect’ helps bridge the communication gap between reader and sender.

Thanks – A simple but very effective words to use. And well, it’s the right thing to do. Remember to always thank your readers for their subscription, their business and their attention. In fact, I would argue that you can’t say ‘Thanks’ enough.

Words To Exclude:

Free – Not only is this one of the most spam filter happy words in history, you can find more creative ways to say ‘free’. Use words like ‘no cost’ or ‘doesn’t cost a dime’…Use some creativity because ‘free’ is just used so much your readers may become blind to it. And oh yeah, like I mentioned, spam filters LOVE to zap emails with ‘free’ pasted in the message. Not always, but it’s becoming harder for this word to be effectively used in your copy.

Confirm – Remember when we recommended that you use ‘Demo’ as a word to use in your emails, this is the opposite of that. Confirm might be a bold action word, but in an email it can look pushy. Remember, we want to PULL people to us not push them away.

Cash – This is another spam filter trigger but also, it just sounds…Kinda scammy! Anything that screams scam usually has something to do with ‘cash’ in the email copy. Avoid this word and while there is nothing wrong with letting your subscribers know that you might be offering them some kind of cash incentive, there are other ways to go about it. Remember, PULL people to you and continue the communication. Perhaps creating curiosity and getting them to connect with you first would be a better plan than throwing ‘cash’ at them right away…

These are just a few of the words we try to include and exclude in the emails we send and believe me, there are thousands of words that seem to trigger spam filters these days.

The best advice is to always talk as if you are talking to ONE person. And when you do that, you seem more human and that’s always the safest way to try to reach your readers.

6 Excuses You Tell Yourself To Not Build An Email List

Email marketing is a no brainer. Building a strong and responsive list is usually ‘step number 1‘ for almost every affiliate marketer and online business.

Simply put, it’s not up for debate…You need to be building your list.

Somehow though, we seem to talk ourselves out of it.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to talking ourselves out of practicing habits that could pay huge dividends down the road. Embracing email marketing is one of those fantastic habits we should be doing…Every day!

Here’s some of my observations over the years on how we talk ourselves out of embracing email marketing…How many do you see yourself doing?

1. I’m Not Good At Writing Emails – Guess what? Only a few select human beings are ‘born’ with the natural ability of being a great writer. For the rest of us, it’s a learned skill. And it’s done by trial and error. It’s done by actually WRITING more emails. I started writing emails in the early 2000’s and have been doing so since, and by no means am I what people would consider ‘a great writer’…However, I keep writing, I keep learning and I keep at it to be better every single day.

2. People Hate Getting Emails
– Correction, people hate getting GARBAGE emails. They do appreciate a tip or two. They also enjoy hearing about your new content or services that you are offering. I know I appreciate hearing from the list owners I subscribe to when they talk to me like a real human being and not just another ‘name on their list’. Simply put – People LOVE getting the RIGHT emails!

3. Email Marketing Is Expensive – Well, that depends on what service you use 🙂 For example, email marketing here at Rocket Responder is about as affordable as it gets. And the best part, while other auto responder services start to charge you more as your lists grow, we are one fee, every month regardless of whether you have 500 people on your mailing list or 500,000. It’s the same price, every month. Email marketing doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need to find a good home that delivers the goods and doesn’t break your bank!

4. I Have Way Too Many Things To Worry About, Email Takes Time – You know what the best thing is about your email marketing and choosing a service like Rocket Responder? It’s powerful and can be 100% automated. The true power of an email marketing auto responder is found in the ability to set messages up to go out when you want. Anytime you want. To any list you want. You can tailor make your emails to go out when you need them to, and leave more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. That’s actually what auto responders were originally designed to do, create automation for your email communication. Set up a solid autoresponder series and let the system do the heavy lifting for you!

5. I Have Nothing To Send An Email About
– This could be the number one excuse. More marketers have told me over the years that they don’t know what to actually send their subscribers and don’t even bother trying to draft a message at all. Here’s just a few things you could write about and if you did some creative thinking, I’m sure the list would grow every day. You could write about content you have found online that is helpful. Maybe news about your product or service. Is their industry announcements that you feel they could benefit from learning about? How about an experience you had that translated into a life lesson everyone could benefit from? Did you make a new blog post? Are you having a sale or promotion? What about your plans for the month or quarter? You see, coming up with things to write about and let your subscribers know about is the easy part!

6. I Only Have A Few People On My List, It Barely Grows – I have maintained for years that you need to focus on 3 subscribers not 3000. And what I mean by that is the popular myth that you need a massive list to be considered a success is bogus. Here’s the truth, you need an ACTIVE list to be a success. And active lists are not limited to 3000 or 30000 people. Grow your list daily by engaging them and giving great content, the more they feel like you respect them, the more ‘active’ they become. And when you have active subscribers, the world opens up for you. I’ll take an active list of 100 over a dead list of 10,000 any day.

Don’t wait another day to start building your list! Be sure to test drive Rocket Responder today for a full month at absolutely no cost. Once you start seeing for yourself how powerful this form of communication and marketing can be, you’ll be hooked!