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Email Marketing, Crypto & Your Autoresponder Needs

We might not be the first major autoresponder to accept crypto currency as a form of payment, but we’re one of the first for sure 🙂

We mentioned this in November when we started accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment option for our members and so far, the response has been fantastic!

bitcoin cash accepted at rocketresponder

We’re seeing more and more email marketers starting to take a strong look at crypto as a payment option for their marketing needs and Bitcoin Cash is just the start for us….

We plan on adding a few more coins as payment options but right now, BCH has been a great experience for us.

If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin Cash, be sure to check the currency out here!

Can we predict the future of crypto as a viable payment option for email marketing?

No one knows for sure, but everything we have researched points to the perfect match for our services. Of course you can always use our secure credit card processors but we don’t think marketers around the world should ignore crypto and it’s potential for your business.

It’s a digital economy and we’re excited to be a part of the future! For not only RocketResponder but email marketers around the world.

Let’s go and make some history 🙂

4 thoughts on “Email Marketing, Crypto & Your Autoresponder Needs

  1. Hello,

    just to let you know, Bitcoin Cash is not working for me as a payment option. I have already opened a support ticket about this but no response so far.

    This is my problem:

    After I created my RocketResponder account, I clicked on the “update your billing” link, then clicked on Bitcoin Cash in the sentence “We accept Bitcoin Cash”, selected the monthly plan, but then, when I clicked on the Bitcoin Cash icon/image, it sent me to the URL, but on that page, it just said “Invalid address” and I could not make the payment.

    This exact same thing happened also when I tried the quarterly and yearly subscription. The error message Invalid address always showed up.

    It seems the Bitcoin Cash integration is not working. Will you please do something about it?

    Thank you.


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