Building Awareness To Build Your Email Lists

A huge part of building thriving email lists is to bring massive awareness to you and your brand.

Sounds simple on paper and makes perfect sense when you think about it. The more people that know you, the better chance you have for them to sign up to your lists.

A closer look at a typical sales funnel will show you where the top of the funnel needs the most attention…


So far so good, but then you start learning that the quickest way to build awareness for your brand and subscriber lists is through paid traffic which can start becoming quite the expense.

Here a few tips and tricks to bring massive awareness to your business, while not breaking your bank;

1. Blogs – Setting up a blog is a must for most businesses. You need a central hub where you can deliver great content for your customers and bring awareness to what you are offering. A blog is the perfect platform. And what’s great about this, is the more you work on your blog, the bigger your email lists become.

2. Social Media – We live in a connected world and it’s a big part of your marketing strategy to network and connect with others. Social media allows you to do this. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn…No matter what the platform…You are bringing awareness to your business in every single status update and post!

3. Online Forums – One of the better places online to build awareness is through online communities that can be found in forums. Now a word of advice, don’t go into a forum blasting your email list and telling people to sign up. You must become a VALUABLE member of the community. but once you do, look out! This will help your business more than you will ever know!

4. Face To Face Networking Events – This might take a little bit of effort on your part to find out the offline meetings in your area, but if you arrive with a stack of business cards in your hand, get ready to bring some great awareness to what you do and how you do it! These type of events are gems for building your network and generating interest in what you offer.

These are just a few examples of low cost and free ways to generate awareness for your business. And the more awareness you bring, the more your funnel starts to get filled up 🙂

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