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Your Greatest Business Opportunity Online

Staying the course is hard in online business.

We are bombarded with offers, claims of instant riches and countless schemes on a daily basis. Not only does it get confusing but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a great opportunity and someone just trying to get your hard earned money.

One of the biggest benefits of focusing on email marketing and building your own mailing lists is that YOU become your greatest opportunity.

Think about that for a moment…

In today’s day and age if you have access to the internet and a few marketing tools, you are in business for yourself. Read that again….You are in business for YOURSELF!

And you’ll hear time and time again, the biggest asset you will ever own in business is your customer list…AKA your email list.

email marketing

So this is why ‘staying the course’ is so critical and the most successful marketers online focus on building their email lists each and every day.

It’s as simple as that, and I’m not trying to over simplify building an online business but you need to get into the habit of doing these 3 things as much as you can, as often as you can:

1. Build your email list with targeted leads
2. Send REGULAR emails to that list
3. Build your personal brand by being active in social media / blogs

Doing these 3 things consistently has helped thousands of new online marketers and experienced ones at that. You just can’t beat this formula.

Sure there is more work to be done and the ones that hustle the most win, but this is investing in YOU!

Remember, you are in business for yourself and your greatest opportunity truly is, your own business!

Building Awareness To Build Your Email Lists

A huge part of building thriving email lists is to bring massive awareness to you and your brand.

Sounds simple on paper and makes perfect sense when you think about it. The more people that know you, the better chance you have for them to sign up to your lists.

A closer look at a typical sales funnel will show you where the top of the funnel needs the most attention…


So far so good, but then you start learning that the quickest way to build awareness for your brand and subscriber lists is through paid traffic which can start becoming quite the expense.

Here a few tips and tricks to bring massive awareness to your business, while not breaking your bank;

1. Blogs – Setting up a blog is a must for most businesses. You need a central hub where you can deliver great content for your customers and bring awareness to what you are offering. A blog is the perfect platform. And what’s great about this, is the more you work on your blog, the bigger your email lists become.

2. Social Media – We live in a connected world and it’s a big part of your marketing strategy to network and connect with others. Social media allows you to do this. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn…No matter what the platform…You are bringing awareness to your business in every single status update and post!

3. Online Forums – One of the better places online to build awareness is through online communities that can be found in forums. Now a word of advice, don’t go into a forum blasting your email list and telling people to sign up. You must become a VALUABLE member of the community. but once you do, look out! This will help your business more than you will ever know!

4. Face To Face Networking Events – This might take a little bit of effort on your part to find out the offline meetings in your area, but if you arrive with a stack of business cards in your hand, get ready to bring some great awareness to what you do and how you do it! These type of events are gems for building your network and generating interest in what you offer.

These are just a few examples of low cost and free ways to generate awareness for your business. And the more awareness you bring, the more your funnel starts to get filled up 🙂

Is Tuesday…The Best Day To Send Email?

The question that pops up the most from customers and newer email marketers is what is the best time of the day to send email?

That’s a tough question to answer simply because there are so many factors involved. We did a blog post a few months ago that tried to tackle this question and while the answer wasn’t the most popular one, we feel that only YOU can decide which time of the day performs best. From your own tracking and testing, you will start to see some patterns.

However something is very clear in our tracking over the years and from studies around the web….Tuesdays are still the day of the week that sees the most ‘action’ when it comes to email.

The arguments are that while Mondays people ‘dread’ the thought of being back to work for the week, Tuesdays is when ‘work mode’ is in full swing.

Is there an truth to that or is that just anecdotal evidence?

According to an in depth study by Propeller, Tuesday was the best day on paper to send….But again, it depends on the market.

This is why it’s so important to not only know your market but also track your stats to see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Personally, speaking from my own experience, I get very good results sending email on Tuesdays. But you’ll notice in that study above that 10am was the best time to send email….My stats show me that while Tuesdays are great days to send….It’s actually after 8 pm that sees the most open rates and click through rates.

Know YOUR lists!

See what works for you and your lists by tracking all your emails. The more you track and test, the better gauge you will have on your lists.

And that’s the ultimate goal, to maximize your results by sending valuable content to your subscriber lists every day you can….Especially Tuesdays 😉

A Secret Hidden Benefit Of Email Marketing

You don’t need another blog post telling you how important building your email list is.

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard every marketing expert on planet earth tell you that email marketing is one of the first things, if not the first thing, you should spend your time and energy on.

This is information that you already know!

And you are savvy enough to be reading this blog so, yeah, I am assuming you understand the importance of email marketing.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into a hidden benefit that no one seems to bring up.

Here’s the situation, using your autoresponder account here at Rocket Responder you will be setting up email series. In these series, you will communicate with your subscribers. You will be highlighting the benefits of you and your company while trying to build life time relationships with these subscribers.

So far so good…

What happens during these communications can lead to sales but let’s be honest, most emails you send won’t be opened. And our job as email marketers is to become better with those open rates.

However, like mentioned, most emails won’t be opened.

So one would ask, what’s the point of even sending emails at all, if we get 80-90% of these emails to not even be opened at all.

This is why…

Did you catch that?

By embracing email marketing we become top of mind to our customers.

First the bad news…You may get some people unsubscribing from your mailing lists if you stay in front of them continuously.

Here’s the good news…They more than likely wouldn’t have taken action on your emails anyways.

You see, the more you embrace staying in front of your subscribers the more you become top of mind. In a world where we are bombarded with thousands of piece of marketing messages competing for our attention, it just makes sense to be…In front of people as often as you can, as much as you can, everywhere you can.

A side note though…You MUST lead with value. So you are not just in people’s inboxes for the sake of being in their inbox. However delivering quality content, engaging your subscribers and providing value to your lists is always a good game plan.

The added bonus…You become top of mind in their eyes!

Note: The above excerpt is from Donald Miller’s fantastic new book ‘Building A Story Brand’ as well as this little gem of a quote…As if you needed more proof that email marketing is a must 😉

email marketing

4 Different Type Of Subscribers On Your List

You have some big problems!

And it won’t be solved by sending support emails. It will not get fixed by hiring a fancy programmer. It’s going to take some time, some patience and a whole lot of digging deep.

First the good news….

People saw what you are offering and have joined your list. Your foot is in the door…Congrats!

However you are about to be introduced to 4 extremely unique individuals… And they have ALL joined your list, I can guarantee it.

They all have big potential to be the perfect customer for you and your business, but to get your message across to them is going to take some tact. These problems are big, but it’s an even bigger opportunity.

Let’s meet our subscribers…

The Hater – This guy is a treat! He’s been burned so many times online, he doesn’t trust a soul. However, something you offered caught his eye but at the end of the day he has a bitter taste in his mouth. The scams. The schemes. The bitcoin opportunities. He just ‘hates’ everything about online business. Sure, he gave you his email address but he’s already forgotten he’s on your list. Email filters are his best friend!

The Cautious One – She’s a little nervous. Like her friend ‘The Hater’ she’s been bitten a few times from online promises, sketchy email claims and promises of instant riches. She knows there are a few bad apples in the bunch but still has hope. She sees the potential, she knows there is some real truth to a lot of what she’s read online. The blogs, the emails, the training…All point her towards POTENTIAL. Still…She’s cautious…

The Slot Machine Marketer
– This guy is dangerous! He will join almost anything that comes across his desk. He spends a small fortune every month on the latest, greatest opportunity. It doesn’t bother him, the next opportunity can cost him $40 to test it out, and when he doesn’t strike it rich, he gives up and tries his luck on the next opportunity. Just like a slot machine in the casino, he’s pulling the handle every few weeks to make his fortune….

The Gem – She does exist! She’s hard to find but every single subscriber you bring into your list has a little ‘gem’ in them. She’s the one that knows the realities of online business and opportunities. She’s invested in evergreen products like analytics tools and autoresponders. She grasps the power of building a list. She takes action. And she’s ready to work hard to develop her business. The trick is…To turn the ‘hater’, the ‘cautious one’ and the ‘slot machine marketer’ into a gem.

But how?

Two words….Relationship building!

This is why we build lists. We know we’ll attract lots of different personalities and experience levels but the truth is…We are looking for the gem in the rough. And she’s out there! Sometimes you have to fight your way through the fronts and walls that some subscribers will put up, but at the end of the day, we all have ‘gem’ potential.

Develop the relationship with the haters. Send a private message to the Cautious One. Meet up with the Slot Machine Marketer….And when you do that, consistently over time through email marketing and relationship building…The gems start to shine through!