4 Different Type Of Subscribers On Your List

You have some big problems!

And it won’t be solved by sending support emails. It will not get fixed by hiring a fancy programmer. It’s going to take some time, some patience and a whole lot of digging deep.

First the good news….

People saw what you are offering and have joined your list. Your foot is in the door…Congrats!

However you are about to be introduced to 4 extremely unique individuals… And they have ALL joined your list, I can guarantee it.

They all have big potential to be the perfect customer for you and your business, but to get your message across to them is going to take some tact. These problems are big, but it’s an even bigger opportunity.

Let’s meet our subscribers…

The Hater – This guy is a treat! He’s been burned so many times online, he doesn’t trust a soul. However, something you offered caught his eye but at the end of the day he has a bitter taste in his mouth. The scams. The schemes. The bitcoin opportunities. He just ‘hates’ everything about online business. Sure, he gave you his email address but he’s already forgotten he’s on your list. Email filters are his best friend!

The Cautious One – She’s a little nervous. Like her friend ‘The Hater’ she’s been bitten a few times from online promises, sketchy email claims and promises of instant riches. She knows there are a few bad apples in the bunch but still has hope. She sees the potential, she knows there is some real truth to a lot of what she’s read online. The blogs, the emails, the training…All point her towards POTENTIAL. Still…She’s cautious…

The Slot Machine Marketer
– This guy is dangerous! He will join almost anything that comes across his desk. He spends a small fortune every month on the latest, greatest opportunity. It doesn’t bother him, the next opportunity can cost him $40 to test it out, and when he doesn’t strike it rich, he gives up and tries his luck on the next opportunity. Just like a slot machine in the casino, he’s pulling the handle every few weeks to make his fortune….

The Gem – She does exist! She’s hard to find but every single subscriber you bring into your list has a little ‘gem’ in them. She’s the one that knows the realities of online business and opportunities. She’s invested in evergreen products like analytics tools and autoresponders. She grasps the power of building a list. She takes action. And she’s ready to work hard to develop her business. The trick is…To turn the ‘hater’, the ‘cautious one’ and the ‘slot machine marketer’ into a gem.

But how?

Two words….Relationship building!

This is why we build lists. We know we’ll attract lots of different personalities and experience levels but the truth is…We are looking for the gem in the rough. And she’s out there! Sometimes you have to fight your way through the fronts and walls that some subscribers will put up, but at the end of the day, we all have ‘gem’ potential.

Develop the relationship with the haters. Send a private message to the Cautious One. Meet up with the Slot Machine Marketer….And when you do that, consistently over time through email marketing and relationship building…The gems start to shine through!

4 thoughts on “4 Different Type Of Subscribers On Your List

  1. Howdy! Thanks for the post. You’re right on the money! Over my many years of online marketing, I have seen them all. You are correct in every aspect. While it may seem like a daunting task and to some degree can be, you CAN ‘convert’ some and maybe even many of your subscribers in to the “gems” that you so desperately want them to be. Be forewarned though, there are some that just simply are not reachable or teachable.

    Speaking of the “haters”, I happen to request a person’s ‘name’ and ’email’ when some one subscribes to one of my offers. (Very true story) A subscriber of mine who I had never heard from before replied to one of my emails one day and was about as angry (hater) as he could be. This was a different kind of hater. He threatened me with great bodily harm. He told me that his ‘uncle’ was a hell’s angel (biker) and he was contacting him so his uncle and some of his biker friends could come to my address and he was going to instruct them to “cut me up in tiny little pieces” < His words and I have not forgotten them.

    I'm not going to sugar coat it, I was somewhat shaken by this threat. I decided I would not feed his fury by responding to him. I simply removed him from my list and kept my eye out. Besides it would have been a bit tough on them since I am a armed man.

    Now, would you like to know this subscriber was so angry? Remember I said that I gathered a person's name and email in my subscriber form and not just their email? Well, as it turned out, he told me why he was so angry. Every time he received a email from me it was addressed to "Hey Retard" or "Hi Retard" so he proceeded to reply to one of my emails with such hate because he was sick and tired of me calling him a "Retard". Guess what? HE was the one that typed the word "Retard" in to "name field" in my email subscriber form in the first place.

    They are out there. Stay cool, stay safe and succeed!

    1. Hey Randy, wow thanks for sharing that story. Crazy how one little misstep can cause such anger right?

      I’m guilty of the same kind of rage at times LOL Not proud to say it either, but I know how little things can start to upset us all. Important think is to stay the course and continue to provide value to people…Some ‘haters’ will remain that…But a big chunk of them, once you break down the wall, they become raving fans 🙂

      Appreciate the comments sir!

  2. Wow, that was an amazing story! Rage never gets you anything but more anger in the person{s} you’re unhappy with and unfortunately, in this particular story the unhappy person is the one who caused the problem. We must take a deep breath and then see the unfortunate situation as one to dismiss from your life, as what was done. Thank you for sharing!

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