Results from Yesterdays Affiliate Email

Showing you what I do on a daily basis isn’t good enough if you don’t see results right? I always want to see realistic results from a method so I have evidence that it works before I start using it. I call it a method but let’s be honest what I did in yesterday video was stupid simple, if you haven’t checked it out yet here it is so you can see for yourself anyone could have done this

As you can see from the results they are realistic and I’m not showing you a method I use to generate that fake “$385,837.11 in 7 days”. While the $488.65 isn’t a mind blowing number for the amount of time and effort it took me I’d call it a win.

Now I know what you’re thinking Justin you have 2 unfair advantages and it does make this unrealistic for someone like me. You can write emails and I struggle with putting words together that generate interest and sales. You have bunch of massive lists!

Good point but let me disspell a few things here.

#1 I’m terrible at writing emails so much so over the years I’ve learned to use the affiliates swipe files. A swipe file is a prewritten email the program owner has provided it’s affiliates and almost every time it’s better than what I can write. Yes Jon Olson writes his own emails and he’s quite good at it, congratz for him! Guess what I’m terrible and you can see I still generated $488.65 using the standard swipe file. Is there an advantage to writing your own emails? Sure but that should never stop you from doing as there is an advantage of using someone else’s words too. Now you know my dirty secret and the secret of a lot of other successful affiliate marketers.

#2 Well this one isn’t as cut and dry. What I can say here to encourage you is I only started taking list building seriously 4 years ago. While that might sound like an eternity while you try to do the same know that it went by fast, very very fast. The great thing about list building is the only hard part is getting the ball rolling. Once you start mastering a way to generate leads you start learning new ways to generate leads and next thing you know you are a lead sucking master. Master 1 and eat forever, maybe not prime rib every night but we looking for realistic results not overnight riches.

Good luck with your list building ventures and keep your eyes peeled here for more videos showing how we build and earn from our lists.

Justin Ledvina

CEO & Co-Founder of RocketResponder. Serial entrepreneur with an extreme passion for small business growth.

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