Email Marketing for Lawyers

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Email Marketing for Lawyers

It's All About Trust

Dealing with legal matters can be a deeply worrying and stressful time for your clients.

Effective communication is a powerful tool to help you build up trust with your clients, position yourself as the best person to meet their legal needs and generate new business. Use our software to educate and inform so that you are seen as the trusted expert in your field.

Features for Lawyers

Why Choose RocketResponder?

How you choose to communicate with your clients can either seriously help or hinder your business. RocketResponder can help you put clients at ease by allowing you to communicate with them during every step of the legal process.

How It Works

The legal process can be bewildering and complex to your clients. RocketResponder will allow you to write a series of emails explaining how you will take care of their needs during the entire legal journey.

Streamline Communications

Our software makes routine communications a breeze. Every new client will need the same basic information from you and our software ensures that none of the important routine communication is missed no matter how many new clients you take on.

Easy To Use

If you can send a regular email then you can use RocketResponder. We designed it this way so that you can keep your focus on your business and not on learning how to use our software. RocketResponder is a very powerful and efficient communications tool which will seamlessly integrate into your business without any technical learning curve at all.

Educate The Market

Legal matters can be confusing at the best of times so why not use your expertise to help your subscribers understand the law in your specialist area. Writing a series of informative emails will not only set you up as an expert but can be a really useful way of gaining new business.

Advertise Your Firm

Alternate advice emails with emails promoting the goods or services you offer and now RocketResponder is like an extra sales person. With each email you send you will also be building up trust and confidence as your new customers get to know you better.

Flexible Email Management

You can have as many different lists as you like, with each getting a tailor-made series of emails to meet their needs. Updating lists and changing emails is simple and easy and your clients will love how you go above and beyond to give them the personal touch every time.

Expert Branding

The law can often change very rapidly. RocketResponder allows you to inform your subscribers of changes in the law which may affect them and how the services you provide can help them with their legal problems.

Email Marketing for Lawyers Email Marketing for Lawyers