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RocketResponder Announces Flat Fee Price Plan Regardless Of List Size

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March 3, 2015

West Kingston, RI: When we designed Rocket Responder, we wanted to make email marketing easy. We found complicated pricing structures kept many small businesses from starting to build a list of leads and customers. They no longer have to worry about building a list that's too big for them to afford, so they can focus on building their business, not calculating how much it will cost to send emails.

While many providers of email automation services can have very reasonable fees for customers with small lists, the charges can rise quite dramatically as the list size grows.

RocketResponder’s CEO Justin Ledvina said this was a very real problem for for those who use email marketing.

“We find that a lot of people tend to dramatically underestimate the fixed costs that they need to pay when they decide to make money online for the first time. We kept hearing that people were put off from even beginning to build a list because of the uncertainty of how to pay the increasing costs as they grew their subscriber base. On the one hand they fully understood the need of growing their subscriber base and using email for marketing, but on the other hand they felt that price uncertainty stopped them from doing so.” said Justin Ledvina, CEO of RocketResponder.

Justin went on to say it was utterly frustrating to know that his company had the ideal tool to help so many people make a real income online, and yet these same people were reluctant to use it. He got together with RocketResponder CTO Tim Linden and they came up with a simple and effective solution to the problem.

Justin added: “We decided to unlink the pricing structure from the size of a subscriber’s list and make our price structure the easiest to understand in the industry…$20-a-month regardless of list size. We saw a growing need to remove the uncertainty over price to give small businesses the peace of mind of knowing what their cost will be every month. So if you have ten people on your list then it 20 bucks and if a little later down the line you have got that up to 500,000 or one million subscribers, then the price is still just 20 bucks.”

The flat-rate pricing structure is designed to remove the barrier of people who say they know they need an automated email service but cannot justify the cost.

Crucially RocketResponder has not had to cut back on any functionality in order to make the service affordable to all. It offers a full range of automated email solutions on a platform which is easy to use, simple to understand and elegant to look at.

About RocketResponder

RocketResponder is everything you need to create and send awesome email marketing campaigns. If there is a group of people that want to hear what you have to say then RocketResponder will allow you to reach them all for one low-cost monthly fee.
We know that good communication is everything and this is why we made RocketResponder both easy and fun to use.

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