Press Release

RocketResponder Releases Developer Kit For Email Marketing Platform

For Immediate Release

March 16, 2015

West Kingston, RI: RocketResponder has announced the availability of the RocketResponder Devzone, a combination of API endpoints and webhooks, that gives developers the ability to easily integrate email marketing into any website.

“We decided to go with a two prong approach so developers can use the API to communicate with RocketResponder from within their web app, and RocketResponder can communicate with their web app using the webhooks. Having both allows seamless integration into any website,” said Justin Ledvina, CEO of RocketResponder.

Developers can use the API to manage their subscribers by adding, removing, and modifying them from within their web app, giving them complete control over how subscribers get added to their email lists.

Developers can then use the webhooks to receive notifications whenever their subscribers view an email, click a link in an email, or update their email address. They’ll also receive notifications when a user unsubscribes or bounces, so they can ensure their web app stops sending emails to them as well.

"We love the integration this gives us so we can easily integrate our email marketing with our membership. We love using the webhooks to reward our users for checking their email, and more importantly, clicking the links in our emails!" said Jon Olson, Chief Marketing Officer of Timtech. "This kind of integration makes it easy for us to engage our customers in a way we never were able to before."

The RocketResponder Devzone is immediately available at . The Devzone site includes API and webhook documentation, examples, and more.

Tim Linden, RocketResponder’s Lead Developer, added, “When developing the Devzone we decided on using REST (representational state transfer) using built-in HTTP features like HTTP authentication. We found that other methods of authentication were much more difficult for developers to integrate with. It also means that our API can be used by many off-the-shelf clients, increasing the number of ways you can integrate email marketing with your own web app.”