RocketResponder Email Webhooks

RocketResponder Webhooks allow us to notify your website whenever your subscribers subscribe, confirm, unsubscribe, bounce, or even open your emails!


For each of your lists you're able to add a separate webhook URL for each action, or use the same URL for every action. It's up to you!

Subscribe When a subscriber first subscribes to your list
Confirm When a subscriber confirms their email address
Unsubscribe When a subscriber unsubscribes from your list
Modify When a subscriber updates their name or email
Bounce When a subscriber's email bounces
Open When a subscriber opens an email you've sent
Click When a subscriber clicks a link in an email you've sent

Note: If we don't receive a 200 response header, we'll retry your webhook URL over increasing delays up to 4 times.


Every webhook submitted has the following POST data:

NameThe subscriber's name
EmailThe subscribers email address
JoinIPThe IP address they subscribed with
JoinTimeThe unix timestamp they subscribed
JoinURLThe referring URL the subscribe form was on
ConfirmIPThe IP address they confirmed with
ConfirmTimeThe unix timestamp they confirmed
ConfirmLinkThe site they were sent to when they confirmed
ActionTimeThe unix timestamp of their last action
ActionTypeThe type of their last action (None/Subscribe/Open/Click/Confirmed/Resend/Reverify)
ActionIPThe IP address their last action came from
UnsubIPThe IP address they unsubscribed with
Sent# of emails sent
Open# of emails opened
Click# of emails clicked
Bounce# of emails bounced
Subscribe# of times subscribed
Unsubscribe# of times unsubscribed