Press Release

RocketResponder Launches Responsive Email Editor With 360,000 Free Images

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2015

West Kingston, RI: RocketResponder, one of the leading providers of sales and email marketing automation, is pleased to announce the official launch of its brand new Responsive Email Editor.

The new email editor works with all email clients and offers users unlimited customization options without the need for users to know any coding at all.

It uses drag-and-drop simplicity and ensure that subscriber emails look highly professional as individual elements can be moved around, duplicated, edited or deleted at will.

The new editor is optimized to show emails across all platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) so that the end user will always see great content no matter which device they are using as an email viewer.

It was launched with seven custom templates and more will be brought online in the coming months to give RocketResponder users total control to ‘fine tune’ how their marketing messages look.

RocketResponder has also been integrated with Pixabay to provide users with over 360,000 free, high quality images, vectors and art illustrations that can be used anywhere.

“We have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that our email editor is totally customizable while being simple and straightforward to use,” said RocketResponder’s Lead Developer Tim Linden. “We start with seven cool templates to start you off, but from there the sky is the limit for you to customize it completely.

“The new editor comes with 7 starting templates, 26 content blocks that you can simply drag into your email, and access to over 360,000 royalty-free images and graphics to make your emails really pop.”

Images, headlines and text can be linked to a target URL at the click of a mouse and the ability to make emails stand out like never before is designed to help boost both open and click through rates.

“RocketResponder is designed to put the fun into email marketing while creating eye-catching emails which people want to open and read,” said company CEO Justin Ledvina. “There is no reason in the world why marketing emails should be boring...and with this new feature from RocketResponder, nobody need ever send out a boring email again.”