RocketResponder Launches Cool New Responsive Email Editor With 360,000 Free Images

Responsive email editor comes to RocketResponder

RocketResponder has launched a cool new responsive email editor, which not only ensures that your emails look highly professional, but which works flawlessly across all email clients and on all devices.

This is a huge upgrade for RocketResponder and means you will have total control over how your emails will look for that extra special personal touch that your subscribers will really appreciate.

Not only will your emails look great but the new email editor fully fits in with the RocketResponder ethos of being fun to use and easy to understand.

Now you choose exactly how you display your emails and you can either upload your own images or browse through more than 360,000 free images directly from our email editor. We have integrated RocketResponder with Pixabay to provide you with free, high quality images, vectors and art illustrations that you can use anywhere.

So let’s take a look at how it all works…

When you login to your RocketResponder control panel to send an email to your subscribers you now see a screen which looks like this.

new responsive email editor template system from RocketResponder


Note that there are currently seven templates to choose from but new ones will be added on a regular basis.

The templates are cool, but they are not the coolest part at all…think of them as your starting point but the really cool feature is the total flexibility you now have to be creative with your email design.

Even if you have no design skills, this easy-to-use drag-and-drop system will have you producing professional-looking emails in just minutes.

So choose a template that you like and start having fun…

RocketResponder responsive email editor template example

Here are just some of the really cool features which you will love and will have you looking at the way you send emails in a whole new light…

* There is absolutely no complicated coding to learn or implement.

* Just click on the heading and wording to change it to what you want to say.

* For any elements you don’t need, then just highlight them and delete.

* Click on the pictures to either replace them with your own or choose from the 360,000 images we have available for you.

* Easily add any section from the options in the right hand side by just dragging them over to where you want them to go.

* Make headings, text or pictures clickable with hyperlinks to take your subscribers to the content you want them to see.

* Change font types, text colors, text size and add bullets, lists and buttons with ease.

* Never worry about your emails looking good across all email clients…they just will.

* Never worry about having to optimize your emails for desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets…we have taken care of that for you already.

* One touch email preview function. See exactly how your email will look before you send it.

Here is a quick look at the awesome image editor. Let’s say you want to replace the standard image with one of a cute kitten…so you click on the picture, press the camera icon and search for the word ‘kittens.’

Search for 'kittens' using image search on RocketResponder responsive email editor

Or maybe ‘chocolate cake’

'chocolate cake' search term using image editor on RocketResponder responsive email editor

Or ‘furniture’…

'furniture' search term using image editor on RocketResponder responsive email editor

I think you get the idea…now choose an image you want, edit the text next to it and you are all set.

This is what you might do for example if you have written a blog post about exotic pets…

Default view…

Using the RocketResponder responsive email editor.

Your version…

Using the RocketResponder responsive email editor is easy

Make the image, the headline or part of the text clickable to your subscribers are taken directly to your blog and watch your views get a massive boost.

All you have to worry about is working out what message you want to get across to your subscribers and soon you will be sending out the most eye-catching emails you have ever produced.

Best of all there is no steep learning curve. We have taken a great deal of time to ensure that this is as intuitive and easy to use as is humanly possible.

Reading about the new RocketResponder responsive email editor on a blog post is one thing, but actually using it for yourself is a whole new experience you will not want to miss out on. Log in today and try it for yourself.

Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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  1. Wow guys… just the 360,000 stock images to use is a feature robust enough to invest in Rocket Responder.

    The new templates look amazing too.

    Excited to see how Rocket Responder continues to grow so massively in such a short amount of time, great job!

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