Never Send An Email When You Have Nothing To Say

Marketing email tips

Marketing email tips: There is only one thing worse than failing to communicate with your subscribers…and that is talking to them too much.

So here is one of my golden rules which you ignore at your peril:

  • Never, ever, send out an email to your list when you don’t have something useful to communicate.

This can be a mistake if you commit to send out weekly (or heaven forbid daily) emails to your subscribers so that takes us on to our second golden rule:

  • Never make promises that you are unable to keep.

So, therefore, don’t ever promise to send a weekly newsletter unless you know, for absolute certain, that you will have enough information to provide that content.

Your subscribers are fickle. Just because they have signed up does not mean they are yours for life. Far from it. It is good to assume that every time you send an email you may potentially lose a segment of your list – those that don’t like what you have to say and who can be bothered to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

So even if you have written an email don’t automatically send it.

Read over it first and ask yourself this question: “Does this email contain useful information which would be of value to my subscribers?”

If the answer is “no” then don’t send it. Either rewrite it so that it does contain some information of value or just don’t send it at all.


Five Email Mistakes To Avoid

Email Mistakes To Avoid

Email Mistakes To Avoid: With a service like RocketResponder it is easier than ever before to send out emails to multiple people in just seconds.

Do it right and you will get the results you want but do it wrong and you could irretrievably damage your relationship with your list.

Some mistakes are worse than others but really you should not be making any mistakes at all when sending out emails so always to try to get things right every time.

Here are some mistakes you ought to be aware of so that you can avoid making them yourself:

  • Failing to check – There are few things more annoying than getting an email with dead links or other errors so take times to get things right before pressing the “send” button. Always use the RocketResponder feature which allows you to send a test email to yourself first.
  • Using misleading subject lines – We all want to get out emails opened but if you use misleading subject lines then you will really irritate your subscribers…so don’t ever be tempted to do this.
  • Adding far too many links – Including too many links in an email will just confuse people and could lead to them not taking any action at all. I have regularly received emails where I have counted a dozen or more links. That is far too many. Keep the email, short, focused and to the point.
  • Trying too hard to impress – Sometimes you really can try too hard and it won’t do you any favors at all. People know when you are overdoing it with the hype and flam and they generally hate it. If you have to use random capital letters, multiple exclamation marks and multiple colors then your message is sure to get lost.
  • Ignoring your subscribers for too long – If you ignore your subscribers then they will probably forget about you after a while. The result of this is that the next time you contact them, totally out of the blue, they may even forget that they signed up to hear from you. Therefore you can expect a higher number of unsubscribes than usual when you do eventually contact your list again.