How To Integrate Twitter Lead Generation Cards With RocketResponder

How To Integrate Twitter Lead Generation CardsTwitter has rolled out a new service called Lead Generation Cards which will be of interest to anyone who is actively building a list. This article will show you how to integrate Twitter Lead Generation Cards with RocketResponder.

Basically it is a tool which helps advertisers find people who are interested in the goods or services they provide.

So for example you could sign up to a blog, website or newsletter just by pressing a “sign up” link without even having to enter your email address.

Pretty awesome stuff.

Twitter said:

Marketers regularly talk to us about their goals, and for many it boils down to one major theme: generating leads, and ultimately driving purchases.

With those goals in mind, today there’s a new addition to our suite of Twitter Cards, one which helps brands drive highly qualified leads: the Lead Generation Card.”

Outdoor gear and apparel company Rock/Creek reported gaining more than 1,700 new email contacts in under a week when it used the Lead Generation Card in a Promoted Tweet campaign.

RocketResponder’s Tim Linden set up a Lead Generation Card to gain sign ups to his blog.

This is what it looks like:

How To Integrate Twitter Lead Generation Cards

And here is another example:

How To Integrate Twitter Lead Generation CardsHere Tim explains how to get subscribers to your blog using Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards.

If you’re a Twitter Hot Shot then you’ll LOVE this. You can now create Twitter Lead Generation Cards that let your followers easily subscribe to your list with one click. It integrates perfectly into RocketResponder, so get excited!

Step 1: Create a Lead Generation Card

This is actually the hardest part, finding the page to do it on. You have to go through the Twitter Advertise page. Up top they have Creatives, and Cards is under there. Create your description, upload your image, make your call to action. Easy

Step 2: Integrate with RocketResponder

Change the Twitter Card “Data Settings” to the settings below. This will integrate directly with RocketResponder so when users hit subscribe they are on your list! Click to view it bigger. The only difference you’ll need is highlighted in yellow, that’s my list’s permalink, you’ll want to use yours!

How To Integrate Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Step 3: Tweet your new Lead Generation Card!

Wow, that easy! The team was all confused when they clicked the button. They were like so how do I get on the list? It just did it? Wait it was that easy? It’s awesome when it works sooo easy people think they missed a step 😉


Oops I Think I Might Have Forgotten Something Important

Marketing email mistakes

Marketing email mistakes: Recently I heard about a large internet-based company which sent out an email to its members with the subject line: “Insert Your Subject Here.”

Perhaps it was a deliberate marketing ploy – I heard, via social media sites, that this particular email received an impressive open rate.

However it is far more likely that it was one of those simple, old-fashioned mistakes that we tend to make from time to time.

It is similar to sending an email with an attachment you want people to open and then forgetting to attach the file before pressing send. (As a complete aside, to prevent this from happening I always make a point of uploading any attachments first and then writing my email.)

However it is easy to have some urgent or important news that you want to get out so quickly that you hurry to send out the email without checking it over first.

And that is when you can totally forget to add the subject line.

So take your time and get things right. Remember that with RocketResponder you have the opportunity to send any new email to yourself first before you send it to your list.

Take advantage of this feature. It is far better to have your mistake broadcast only to you rather than your entire list. Now simply edit out the mistake and send the amended email out to your subscribers.