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RocketResponder Resend Feature Will Boost Your Email Open Rates

When you send an email to your list of subscribers then one of two possible things will happen…it will either be opened or it won’t be.

Some of your list will decide to open and read your email and others won’t open it.

However it is not as cut and dried as that. Let’s take the group of people who did not open your email.

Here are some possible reasons for them not opening it:

– they looked at your subject line and decided it was not for them

– they looked at the subject line and thought it might interest them but they were too busy to open it

– they decided that they would open it when they had more time but it slipped their mind to do so

– they had so many emails that day that your email just got buried and was not seen

– they didn’t have time to check their emails at all when you sent it and it was not seen

These are just a few examples of things which can affect email open rates and you can probably think of more.

The interesting point is that all of the above groups of people (except those who made a conscious effort not to open the email) are potentially still interested in your message.

This means that if you send it again there is a good chance that at least some new people will open it second time round.

For example a response from your list could be: “Ah that’s the email I meant to look at but never got round to opening. I will take a look at it now before I forget again.”

These are the people who will most likely open it second time round and they are worth targeting.

With this in mind RocketResponder now allows you to give people a second bite at the cherry when it comes to opening your emails.

RocketResponder Resend Feature Will Boost Your Email Open Rates

RocketResponder Resend allows your email to be sent a second time to those subscribers who failed to open it first time round.

When you compose your email simply check the resend email box, set how many days later you would like it sent again and RocketResponder will do the rest.

Once your chosen time interval is reached, then the original email is sent again to those of your subscribers who didn’t open it first time around.

We were getting an increase of around 30% in open rates when we tested the feature on our own lists. I have seen other reports about resending emails where anything from 20% to 50% and higher boosts to open rates were reported.

The bottom line is that it works and many of your subscribers will be thankful for the second chance to take a look at something they missed first time round.


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