avoid email marketing pitfall

Avoid This Email Marketing Pitfall

Email marketing has been around for a while, decades in fact and for very good reason. There is no other form of communication on the internet that has the largest ROI when it comes to building relationships and getting your subscribers to take action.

However, one major pitfall has plagued email marketers since day one. It’s so common these days, we almost ignore it. We are so concerned with ‘getting new people to join our list’ we forget the core part of that message….The people.

Don't forget the people

Crazy if you think about it…

We work our tails off to build these huge lists without remembering that behind every single new ’email address’ that we generate is…A real person!

Each person, every name on our mailing lists has unique goals, dreams and business needs. And while it’s not always a guarantee that we’ll build relationships with each name on our list, we can try!

And when we ‘try’ to get to know our subscribers, good things happen.

You see, the more we truly care for the people on our mailing lists, and do everything we can to add value to their lives and serve them, we stop seeing them as just ’email addresses’.

People are the life blood of any business, and whether you are managing a list of 50 names or 50,000…People should always come first!

People are the lifeblood of your business

Respect the names on your list. Try to reach out to them to continue the conversation. Start to ‘pull‘ then towards you rather than ‘push’ your message on them. This is a huge nugget and has helped many email marketers truly embrace the massive power of email marketing.

We don’t need a huge mailing list to be successful, we need a responsive list. And the more you genuinely care for the names on your mailing list, the more responsive they will be.

This is a major pitfall that most email marketers fall into. They are more concerned about generating more and more email addresses, they forget the real people behind each address.

1. Give value in all communication

2. Pull rather than push when sending emails

3. Genuinely care for every person that joins your list


Following these 3 rules of email marketing will help you build a loyal and responsive mailing list for years to come.

Valentine's Day

Don’t Be Afraid To Say I Love You

Value your customers

Value your customers: It is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.

But while your thoughts will naturally turn to loved ones at this time of year…don’t forget that your customers also need to feel loved.

They also want to feel valued, respected and appreciated.

In particular they will love to feel that you treat them as individuals…and how you use email can help you with all of the above.

So if someone has bought something from you then tell them that you love them…ok well maybe don’t go that far but send out an email to say how much you appreciate their custom.

An autoresponder like RocketResponder lets you do just that.

So now that you have got a customer why not use an email (or series of emails) to:

  • thank them for their purchase and explain how they can contact you
  • tell them how much you appreciate their custom (that’s the ‘I Love You’ bit by the way)
  • invite them to give you feedback on your goods or services
  • tell them something about you or your business to make the relationship between you more personal
  • inform them of any special offers you may have

You can set an autoresponder series to do that any time of the year, whether it is Valentine’s Day or not.

But, thinking about it, given that it is Valentine’s Day why don’t you sent out a special one-off email telling your customers that you really do love them?

If you include a special Valentine’s Day offer in that email too then both you and your customers could benefit from this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.



Keep Your Emails Short And To The Point

email writing tips

Email writing tips from RocketResponder

Think of the emails you get every day.

If you are like me, something like this will probably happen…

  • A percentage (perhaps a large percentage) will be immediately deleted without ever being opened
  • Others will get kept in your inbox to be read but will still end up being deleted because you decide you don’t have the time or the inclination to read them after all
  • Some (perhaps a small percentage) will actually get opened.

Let’s concentrate on the ones you actually open. Again, if you are like me, if the email looks overly long and complicated then you might read a sentence or two and then give up.

So to get the best chance of getting your message read keep it short and to the point.

Say what you have to say and nothing more.

Try and give the reader just one thing to think about and take action on and you will have the best chance of getting your message read and understood.

If you have lots of different points to make then it might be better to make a short mini-series with each point made in a separate email.

If you do this then you can refer to the next email in the last line of the one before. Say something like: “So now that I have introduced our exciting new product to you, tomorrow I will tell you three ways it will change your life for the better.”

Now go ahead and use your RocketResponder account to use these techniques for yourself.

Your Subject Line Has One Purpose And One Purpose Only

good email subject lines

There is one thing which seems to cause a huge amount of problems for anyone who writes emails for business…

What exactly makes a good email subject lines?

Some people agonize over this for far longer than it takes to write the entire body of the email itself.

Others have no idea what to say and others manage to mess it up completely.

Here is all you need to know about the subject line or header for your email message.

It serves only one purpose and that is to spark sufficient interest to get your email opened.

So when you write your RocketResponder emails remember that that the header plays a vital role…it can make the difference between whether your message is even seen or not.

Here are some tips:

  • Always remember that the header serves to get your email  open
  • Take time to get the header right – don’t just write the first thing that comes to mind
  • Don’t lie or be misleading in your header – it will make your subscribers angry
  • The header should relate to the main body of the email in some way, and finally one tip I never thought I would have to write…
  • Don’t drop the f-bomb in your header…honestly this has happened to me in the past. Do this and not only will I not open your email, I won’t ever take anything you say seriously ever again.

Subject lines are so important that we will be returning to this topic again and again so don’t forget to subscribe to the RocketResponder blog so that you never miss a single post.