Just A Reminder About Why You Are Here

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Everybody you send an email to has got something in common…each of your email subscribers has given you permission to contact them.

But, being human, sometimes we forget that we have signed up to any given list in the first place.

So you could do your email subscribers a favor by reminding them of how they got to be on your list in the first place.

A cool way to do this is to include a little blurb in the footer of every email you send out.

It could say something like this:

“You are receiving this email because you signed up to my blog/filled out an online form on my website etc. to receive emails from me.

“I work hard to ensure I send out relevant emails to my subscribers but understand that needs and circumstances change.

“Therefore if this information is no longer relevant from you and you don’t want to hear from me then please use the “unsubscribe” link right here.”

Including something like this is good because it shows that:

  • you care about your email subscribers’ needs
  • you fully appreciate that you need their permission to contact them
  • you genuinely want to give them relevant information
  • you don’t want to waste their time if they no longer want to hear from you
  • you are totally upfront and honest about how to subscribe from your list.


Three Quick Email Tips Your Customers Will Love

Quick Email Tips

We know that getting your emails opened is half the battle because just because someone has agreed to receive emails from you is no guarantee they will look at them. Here are some quick email tips your customers will love.

Once you get them opened you need to get them read and that means by providing content that your recipients will find interesting and useful.

By doing this you will find that people actually look forward to your emails and this, in turn, should mean that, over time, it gets easier to get regular customers to open your emails.

Here are three quick content tips which your customers will thank you for:

  • ask for help – most people love to be helpful and will happily do so if asked. Email is a great way of doing this and building up a two way flow of communication with your list. Examples might be you want to update your website, newsletter, blog, product line etc, so you want to know what your most valuable customers would like to see before you make any changes.
  • early bird offers – one of the huge benefits of email is that they are fast so you could encourage your customers to open your emails by making email-only offers available to them. So if you are having a new promotion launching on  your website you could give your a list a headstart by informing them about in advance of the general release.
  • bullet points – the traditional bullet point list looks exactly like this one – written as a vertical list. However as people increasingly read business emails on smartphones, where space is at a premium, one trick is to make your list of bullet points horizontal instead of vertical, so that it looks like this:

Main benefits of x: * super fast, * cost effective,  *looks fantastic

Do you have any email tips which work well for you? If so then feel free to leave your comments below.





A Quick Example Of A Reconfirm Email

Example Of A Reconfirm Email

We have already seen why it might be a good idea to give your RocketResponder list an opportunity to unsubscribe from your list from time to time. Let us now take a look at an example of a reconfirm email.

Examples of where this may be useful include:

  • if you change the way you want to communicate with your list – eg from mainly blog updates to marketing-type emails
  • if you have just imported a list from elsewhere
  • if your list is very old
  • if you have not really communicated with your list for a long period of time

Just turning up in their inbox in these circumstances could lead to a lot of unsubscribes and, even worse, spam complaints.

The unsubscribes are more or a less a given, they will happen, so by sending out an email giving your subscribers an option of what action to take means you can manage the unsubscribes better and hopefully totally avoid the spam complaints.

So this is what you might say. I will use the example where I have not communicated with the list for a long time and where I want to send different types of email than before:

Hi [firstname],

It is [name] here from [company or website] and I will totally understand if you have totally forgotten who I am.

However you did sign up to receive emails from me and I am going to start sending them at long last.

I used to just email you when I updated my blog, something I have badly neglected in recent months, but now I want to include sending some marketing tips and suggestions I think you would find really useful.

However I can understand that you might not want any more emails at all so if you click the big “unsubscribe” link below then you will be immediately removed from this list.

If you want to stay then I look forward to us getting to know each other better in the weeks and months ahead.”

You can see that it is short and to the point.

If you do decide to do this then keep your email short also but use your own wording so that it is personal and reflects your writing style and personality.

Say It Again

If A Message Is Worth Sending, It’s Worth Sending Again

Email marketing tips and tricks: There are times when it is helpful not to be timid in your email marketing.

Let’s say you have an important announcement to get across to your subscribers.

It is something you know they would be interested in, or at least you hope that they would be interested in it.

This might be a brand new launch, a cool new product or a special promotion that you want everyone to be aware of.

So naturally you send an email to your RocketResponder list telling them about the cool new thing you know they will love.

The problem is that people being people, not everyone will actually read your email.

And this will include some of the people who might be really interested in the contents of your email.

Now it has been shown that if you send an email multiple times to people the following could happen:

  • you will annoy your subscribers and turn them into unsubscribers (very bad)
  • they will still not read your email (bad)
  • they will become interested enough to find out why you are sending so many emails that they will open one and (hopefully) take action.

OK so there is a more subtle way to minimize the chances of the first two events happening.

If you have a very important message to get across then devise an email series just for this one topic.

So if you want to send three, five or seven emails to promote the launch, event or new product then send three, five or seven related emails on the subject. You could, for example, talk about the new product or promotion, explain some of its main points in the email series or give a series of hints or tutorials if appropriate.

Obviously you don’t want to hammer home the message every time you send an email but there will be times when you really want to ensure that your message gets read and understood by the maximum number of people.