Three Quick Email Tips Your Customers Will Love

Quick Email Tips

We know that getting your emails opened is half the battle because just because someone has agreed to receive emails from you is no guarantee they will look at them. Here are some quick email tips your customers will love.

Once you get them opened you need to get them read and that means by providing content that your recipients will find interesting and useful.

By doing this you will find that people actually look forward to your emails and this, in turn, should mean that, over time, it gets easier to get regular customers to open your emails.

Here are three quick content tips which your customers will thank you for:

  • ask for help – most people love to be helpful and will happily do so if asked. Email is a great way of doing this and building up a two way flow of communication with your list. Examples might be you want to update your website, newsletter, blog, product line etc, so you want to know what your most valuable customers would like to see before you make any changes.
  • early bird offers – one of the huge benefits of email is that they are fast so you could encourage your customers to open your emails by making email-only offers available to them. So if you are having a new promotion launching on  your website you could give your a list a headstart by informing them about in advance of the general release.
  • bullet points – the traditional bullet point list looks exactly like this one – written as a vertical list. However as people increasingly read business emails on smartphones, where space is at a premium, one trick is to make your list of bullet points horizontal instead of vertical, so that it looks like this:

Main benefits of x: * super fast, * cost effective,  *looks fantastic

Do you have any email tips which work well for you? If so then feel free to leave your comments below.





Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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