The Long And The Short Of Writing Emails

Writing Emails

Generally when writing emails for your RocketResponder subscribers you will want to keep them short and to the point.

Give people small bite-sized chunks of information a piece at a time rather than the whole lot at once.

The advantage of this is that your entire message is more likely to be read and understood and you can send the information out as a series of emails on the same subject or theme.

People generally look forward to a series and will eagerly await the next installment when the subject matter is of interest to them.

So an email series of short emails is a great way of capturing people’s attention ahead of a product launch or building up to announcing a new product for example.

It is also good as a training or information series in its own right – remember the purpose of sending emails is more than just to gain sales.

Part of the purpose of sending out emails is to build up a rapport with your subscribes, establish yourself as the authority figure or expert and generally get them to like you.

So every now and again take the time to mix things up a bit and send out a longer email. Make it personal, about you.

You could share some of the things you like and dislike, talk about the highs and lows you have recently experienced or include some pictures of you on holiday or having fun.

Remember that you are more than just an expert in your given niche. You are also an individual and a human being so don’t be afraid to let people see the personal side of you, the real you.

Take time to talk about yourself and you will come across as a more rounded person and someone people will really want to get to know more.

Don’t overdo it though – if you are always talking about yourself then you will come across as self-centered and arrogant and you want to avoid that at all costs.

Email Subscribers Value Information Especially Insider Information

Subscribers Value Information

I recently watched a television program about an upmarket London department store and the way sales staff treated their highest spending clients. Learn how email subscribers value information.

The part that stood out for me was that the top sales people had their own lists of clients and they would contact them whenever something new came into the shop.

Now the point is that they did not contact just when any old stock item was updated, but when something they knew their clients would like came into the store.

The upshot was that the customers loved to be “in the know” with the very latest information and many of them could not wait to come into the store and buy the items which were recommended to them.

This can work brilliantly with your email marketing campaigns too.

For the very best chance of getting the best results you will need to:

  • know exactly what your subscribers want to know
  • have timely, up to date information that your subscribers value
  • be seen as authoritative and, above all, trusted by your subscribers and
  • have goods or services that you can recommend and sell to your list.

Tell people what’s new, what they will love and where they can get it and use your RocketResponder account to do just that.

Add The Fun Factor To Your Emails To Boost Open Rates

Boost Open Rates

Most email these days tends to be rather boring, well at least the contents of my inbox is rather dull. We want to add the fun factor to your emails to boost open rates.

This is because a lot of business users – such as those who use RocketResponder – want to get a message across and do nothing more or less than that.

It is a perfectly acceptable approach to sending email but it is not the only method.

Another approach you could try is to make your emails fun and entertaining.

Don’t be afraid to inject a bit or humor into your email marketing efforts.

Perhaps you recently heard a joke you would like to share with your subscribers (but you might want to keep the really rude ones to yourself at the risk of offending people.)?

If you do videos in your marketing and have made a mistake, including an outtake video of how you messed up can be interesting, it also serves to reinforce the fact that you are just human too and make the same mistakes as the people on your list.

You could tell a funny story about something which happened to you and also don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers to tell you stories of their own.

Adding humor and encouraging interaction with your list should boost your open rates. Give it a go and see what happens…oh and let us know how you get on.