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6 Reasons Why Building An Email List Is Vital For Small Businesses

Some people shrug off the importance of building an email list because they consider it ancient marketing technology. Or perhaps they think they can achieve more through social media and other platforms of promotion.

I get it…

I really do. It’s so old. Clunky. So 2002…

Here’s a fun little fact though, if you were to ask any marketer what their number one asset was in business, I will guarantee you that they would say…Their customer list!

Here are 6 reasons why you need to be building an email list…Today!

1.The List Is Your Business – And the business is your list. I remember years ago when I was talking to my accountant about setting up our business together, the first thing he asked me for was…My email list! They consider that one of the most important assets in business, so if an accountant thinks that way…That’s a good reason to build your list!

2. It Builds Your Brand – Everyone talks about how important it is to build a personal brand online, well guess what…Building an email list helps develop that personal brand very effectively. The more people know, like and trust you through your regular contact with them, the better your brand becomes.

3. Instant Communication With Your Most Important Customers
– Sure, this could mean the importance of list segmentation, and we’ll get into that on a later date. However if you just think about how important it is to be in front of people that make decisions (aka your customers) , email marketing is a no brainer. Email allows you to communicate with your customers, instantly.

4. It’s The Top Of Your Sales Funnel
– Oh yes, the popular sales and marketing funnel…Well guess what is on the top of that? Lead generation…And guess what a ‘lead’ is…It’s an email address and a name. After you capture the lead it’s your job as a marketer to provide value to that potential client so that they remain a customer…That’s the fun part, but it starts at the top!

5. It’s A Metric That Matters
– If you are growing your business and things are good, guess what increases? Your subscriber count. Here’s a metric that people can’t argue and gives you a fantastic indication of the value you are putting out in the market. Is your subscriber count is going up? Great! If it’s stagnant, maybe it’s time to revisit your marketing plans…

6. And The Big Kahuna…Moolah!
– Let’s be brutally honest there…The better your list, the more money you will make. Every single thing in business online comes down to this one simple fact…If you are growing your subscriber list, you WILL make more money.

It’s as simple as that, focus on building an email list and watch your income soar in 2017!

5 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Building An Email List Is Vital For Small Businesses

  1. Awesome and cuts right to the point….your list is how you will grow your income and your brand. I have got that branded into my head thanks to Click Track Profit and You sir Jon Olson. It’s the very 1st thing I was thinking about when I started back up this time around. I am more worried about building my list and brand this time around. In the past I was more worried about earning cash than I was about my list and my brand. You have been the best example I have found as to why I should worry about my list and brand…You have taught me that if I work on those 2 things the cash will eventually come! Thanks!!! and Great tips here today!!

    1. Thanks Patrick, appreciate the kind words. It was such an ‘aha moment’ for me when I saw our numbers and knew, the bulk of what we accomplish online comes from two things….Our lists and our relationship with those lists. Everything else, falls into place after those two things.

    1. Oh completely agree.

      Here’s what helped me when I first started. I didn’t try to build a list of 3000. I tried to build a list of 3. I worked with those 3 people, engaged with them and built the relationship.

      The more I tried to work WITH the people on my list, I started to attract more folks to it.

      Before I knew it, my list was growing because of the value I was giving plus the relationships I was building.

      We can change our world we we focus on what matters 🙂

  2. I just been adding facebook people and they are adding me like crazy.It,s a great way to advertise I chat with then I go in for the kill.Have you ever worked online.I just started this but i,m enjoying it.

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