Email Marketing For Dentists

Email Marketing For Dentists

When it comes to dentistry there is generally one major obstacle to overcome…patients don’t generally look forward to a trip to the dentist.

Some will wait until they are in so much pain they can put if off no longer while others will go if they have to but will always look for excuses not to.

As a dentist, overcoming the reluctance of a large percentage of your target market is often the first hurdle you will need to overcome when building up and sustaining your client base. (more…)

When RocketResponder Went To The Beach…

RocketResponder video shoot at West Island Beach, Fairhaven, MA,

On a day trip to the beach it is good to take a photograph or two so you can remember how fun it all was.

When RocketResponder visited West Island Beach in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, yesterday we took great care to ensure that having awesome pictures would not be a problem.

We had stills cameras, video cameras, cameras mounted onto a remote controlled drone which buzzed overhead and a team of talented individuals to make it all work.There were the lights, boom microphones, a professional make up artist and people with clipboards…RocketResponder was on its first video shoot.

We arrived at a virtually deserted beach at 8.30am and I was wondering exactly how it would all work out.

Then over the next hour or so more and more people arrived and our section of beach was a hive of activity. (more…)