Email Marketing For Dentists

Email Marketing For Dentists

When it comes to dentistry there is generally one major obstacle to overcome…patients don’t generally look forward to a trip to the dentist.

Some will wait until they are in so much pain they can put if off no longer while others will go if they have to but will always look for excuses not to.

As a dentist, overcoming the reluctance of a large percentage of your target market is often the first hurdle you will need to overcome when building up and sustaining your client base.

Email marketing can help you transform reluctant patients into those who understand the importance of frequent oral health check ups and keeping to a regular appointment schedule.

Fear of visiting the dentist – also known as  odontophobia or dentophobia – is very real indeed for a lot of people.

It has been estimated that up to 75 per cent of the US population have “some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe” and that five to ten per cent of US adults avoid dental care at all costs. (source: Wikipedia – dental fear.)

Dental Tribune reports that in Europe as a whole, an average of 10 per cent of the population suffer from significant dental phobia.

This widespread fear of dentists is why you should be making the most of email marketing for dentists.

It would be good if you could sit down with every potential new client, listen to their fears and reassure them that their worries can safely be laid to rest.

The main problem with this approach is that it is so time consuming that you would never have any time left to actually treat your patients.

Email marketing for dentists allows you to explain how you understand your patients’ fears and concerns and to explain how a visit to the dentist may not be the traumatic experience that so many people think it will be.

It also allows you to do this in a virtually automated system so that your prospective patients are getting the information they need to make an informed choice about their dental care, while you can treat your existing patients.

Think about the questions you, or your staff, get asked every day and the amount of time it takes to pass on that the same information over and over again.

Email marketing for dentists

With RocketResponder’s email marketing for dentists you can write a series of emails covering all the basic information people need and then everyone who joins your mailing list gets the information they need…without any more work needed from you or your staff.

Imagine how valued someone would feel if they inquired about the services you offered and was given a series of, say half-a-dozen friendly and welcoming emails when they signed up for more information.

You could explain in these emails, how you understand not only your patients needs but that you are also very much aware of their possible fears and anxieties about visiting a dentist.

You might explain the sort of treatments you provide, highlight medical advances which have served to make dental treatment virtually pain free and answer commonly asked questions.

RocketResponder will also allow you to use email to do a whole host of other things which will help you grow your practice while looking after your patients better.

You can send out regular newsletters, schedule appointment reminders, ask for feedback and even send your patients greetings on their birthdays.

Our system has been designed with busy professionals like you in mind so that either you, or a member of your staff, can manage your email communications with ease and without taking up too much time.

Email Marketing for Dentists 1

Email is great to show your patients, or prospective clients how treatments work, and our easy-to use template system allows you to quickly embed pictures into your emails…just drag and drop the images where you would like them to go.

Using email like this would be great for showing before and after images or pictures of the latest treatments or equipment which you use.

Generally the more people know about what is going to happen to them the more relaxed and at ease they will feel.

Emails ahead of planned treatment explaining the procedure that the patient is about to undergo could go a long way towards calming nerves.

There are no hidden surprises with RocketResponder. We have one low flat monthly fee and this stays the same no matter how many emails you send or how many subscribers you add to your list. This makes setting budgets easy because you know ahead of time what the service will cost.

Learn more about what RocketResponder can do for your dental practice – Email Marketing For Dentists.


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