Email Marketing For Doctors

Email Marketing For Doctors

Patient care is about more than just treating the medical needs of people…it is also about understanding them as people and as individuals.

Many patients want to be reassured that not only are you good at what you do, but that you have good people skills too and take an interest in their lives.

In an ideal world you could spend as much time as you would like with any given patient, but time pressures are very real and there is often not enough hours in the day to get everything done as it is.

It may not sound obvious at first…but this is where email marketing for doctors can really come into its own.

RocketResponder can set you apart from the competition by allowing you to give everyone the personal touch but without it eating away at your precious time.

It will allow you to showcase your expertise, skills and range of services you offer by sending regular emails which are helpful, informative and highlight the qualities that make you the right choice for your patients.

Email marketing can help you bring in new patients and also encourage existing patients to come in more regularly for health check ups by reminding them of the importance of looking after their health.

It works by encouraging people to sign up to your email list – typically by an opt in form on your website or by people giving you their email address when they call into your office or contact you by phone for information.

You might offer a free report which people can download in return for their email address. Something like…”Six Simple Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease,” for example.

Or you might say: “Enter your name and email address to sign up for our monthly newsletter and learn more about the range of services we offer.”

You will find that people will happily give your their email address if they receive some useful information in return.

Email marketing for doctors allows you to handle your regular patient email communications in a virtually automated system so that your existing and prospective patients get the information they need while you and your staff get on with other work.

Think about the questions you, or your staff, get asked every day and the amount of time that is spent explaining the same information over and over again.

Email Marketing For Doctors with RocketResponder

With RocketResponder’s email marketing for dectors you can write a series of emails covering all the basic information people need and then everyone who joins your mailing list gets the information they want…without any more work needed from you or your staff.

Imagine how valued someone would feel if they inquired about the services you offered and was given a series of, say half-a-dozen friendly and welcoming emails when they signed up for more information.

You could explain in these emails, how you understand not only your patients needs but that you are also very much aware of their possible fears and anxieties.

You might explain the sort of treatments you provide, how you do more than just issue a prescription and move on to the next patient and answer any  commonly asked questions.

RocketResponder will also allow you to use email to do a whole host of other things which will help you grow your practice while looking after your patients better.

You can send out regular newsletters, schedule appointment reminders, ask for feedback and even send your patients messages on their birthdays (a great opportunity to remind them to have an annual health check up for example).

Our system has been designed with busy professionals like you in mind so that either you, or a member of your staff, can manage your email communications with ease and without taking up too much time.

Email Marketing For Doctors


Email is great to show your patients, or prospective clients how treatments work, and our easy-to use template system allows you to quickly embed pictures into your emails…just drag and drop the images where you would like them to go.

There are no hidden surprises with RocketResponder. We have one low flat monthly fee and this stays the same no matter how many emails you send or how many subscribers you add to your list. This makes setting budgets easy because you know ahead of time what the service will cost.

Learn more about what RocketResponder can do for your doctor’s practice – Email Marketing For Doctors.


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