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RocketResponder For Business – Focus on Jewelry Designer Carla Garro

RocketResponder For Business: When you meet Carla Garro from Lita Sea Glass Jewelry, two things become immediately clear.

Firstly she is a very talented jewelry designer and secondly there is absolutely no doubt that customer satisfaction is a huge priority for Carla.

Carla makes unique, hand-crafted designs featuring beautiful sea glass and has a growing customer-base of fans who are delighted with the quality and beauty of the jewelry she produces.

RocketResponder for Business - Carla Garro


As Carla’s business grew she realized that she needed to spend more time on communicating with her customers, but finding the time to do so was always a problem.

When she heard about RocketResponder she knew that she had found a solution to keeping her customers fully informed while not taking away from the time she needed to spend working on her business…designing and producing jewelry.

RocketResponder for Business - Carla Garro 1

Neither did it eat into the precious time that she devotes to looking after her young daughter – those precious moments for a mother and daughter that can never be replaced.

We loved meeting Carla, spending time with her and seeing how she had effortlessly integrated RocketResponder’s automated email marketing into her business.

RocketResponder for Business - Carla Garro 2

Her passion shines through in everything she does and her jewelry provides joy and pleasure for her customers who instantly fall in love with her elegant designs.

This short video explains Carla’s passion for her business and sets out how she benefits from using RocketResponder to handle her email marketing and keep her customers updated and informed.



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