How To Unsubscribe RocketResponder Subscribers Using Gmail Labels

Using Zapier to unsubscribe RocketResponder subscribers using Gmail Labels

There will be occasions when you want to unsubscribe people from your mailing list.

You may not have given much thought to the idea of actually unsubscribing people from your list(s) but it is actually a good idea.

A lot of email marketing software providers – especially the ones which charge users per subscriber – don’t encourage customers to unsubscribe people from their mailing lists at all.

However what is the point of sending your email marketing messages to people who no longer want to receive them?

A smaller, more targeted list, is far better than a larger list which is less responsive because many of the subscribers have lost interest over time.

A lot of people will unsubscribe themselves from your list when they no longer want to hear from you but some will reply to your emails and ask you to do it for them.

Another reason you might want to unsubscribe someone is if they keep generating those annoying vacation or auto reply message that flood your inbox every time you send an email.

Now with Zapier you can create an Unsubscribe label within Gmail. Anytime you label an email Unsubscribe, it will automatically remove the person from your list.

Unsubscribe RocketResponder subscribers via Gmail

When a subscriber replies to one of your emails and asks to be unsubscribed, you can easily unsubscribe them within Gmail using Zapier.

How It Works

  1. Create a new label in Gmail called Unsubscribe
  2. When a user asks to be unsubscribed, apply the Unsubscribe label to that email
  3. Zapier automatically notifies RocketResponder to unsubscribe them from your list

What You Need

  • Gmail account
  • RocketResponder account

BONUS: Now that Zapier has published our RocketResponder apps as public, we can setup shared Zaps. So if you click here you can setup your label in easy steps, rather than manually doing it.

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