Email subject lines – six real life examples

Why email subject lines are so important

Why email subject lines are so important: I can’t stress enough how important the email subject line is to your entire message.

Remember it is either your best friend or your worst enemy. At best it will encourage people to open your email and find out what you have to say. At worst it will prompt your subscriber to hit the “delete” key and possibly even the unsubscribe button too.

So I thought this would be a cool thing to do. Every so often I will take a smattering of emails that I have received…share the subject lines with you and let you know what I think of them.

Maybe you will agree with me. Maybe not. However the whole point of this is to get you to think carefully about the subject line each time you send out a RocketResponder email.

So here is today’s list to get started:

  • FREE 12 Dollars! Free Traffic and More Cash! – Using two exclamation marks and shouting out the word free makes this look just a little too desperate to get my attention. I would have opened it just to see what it was all about but I am already thinking: “Nobody just hands out $12 at random so what do I have to do to get my “FREE 12 bucks.”
  • Patrick Did You Check Out Click My Offers Yet? – Well actually, now that you come to think of it, I don’t think I did. I like this subject line. It is personal and engaging. I go to my inbox and here is a question for me to answer. Now I am thinking that maybe I should at least check out these offers to see what they are. I would open this email.
  • Building Residual Traffic & Commissions is simple – This is the opposite of the last one – generic and totally unengaging. If I had the time I might open this email but I would probably actually leave it in my inbox “for later” and then just delete it when I got bored of still seeing it after a few hours.
  • Give Away Lead Generating Systems & Get R I C H – Generic and off putting. Spelling out the word “rich” like that and putting it in capitals makes me think the sender is trying to get around spam filters. I would not open this one.
  • Patrick Join Us in The Womens Lounge – As I am not a woman I think I may give this one a miss.
  • New Gpt Site – I have no idea what a Gpt Site is so if I don’t understand the subject line I certainly won’t open the email. (Ok so being a curious kind of person I had to look it up – Gpt stands for “Get Paid To…”) However it is best to avoid this kind of shorthand in subject lines unless you are absolutely certain that your readers will understand it too.

OK that’s it for this month – I will be back with another selection of email subject lines next month.

Five Types of Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Email SeriesAutoresponder Email Series: One of the purposes of these blog posts is to encourage RocketResponder users to really think about how they use email communication.

We want you to think about how you use your email to communicate with your subscribers or customers.

For example we recently covered why you want to send emails when people join your list and went on to discuss the types of things you might say in an email series.

However did you realize that there are several different types of email series such as there are different breeds of cats or dogs?

Here are some that I have noticed:

  1. In your face – I have called this ‘In your face’ because it is pretty blunt and to the point. Here you promote a product and link to a sales page. You might do a short series of emails all promoting different aspects of the same product and link to a sales page each time. If you use this then be careful that you don’t just promote one affiliate product after another as people will think you have no focus at all and think you just want to get affiliate commissions at any cost. This is most effective if you are getting behind one product or service (especially if you use it yourself) and want to show others why you feel it is so beneficial.
  2. Reel ’em in slowly – This is a more ‘softly softly’ version of the previous method. You might still be promoting the same products or services but this time your approach is more subtle. So instead of even trying to sell from the start you might write two or three emails explaining your frustrations with a common problem people in your niche need to solve. Then the next email can tell how you use a certain product or service to solve that problem and only at that point do you link to the sales page.
  3. Show the real you – This would be a series that nobody else could copy. There is no real agenda here as each email is not leading up to anything in particular such as working towards a sale. You might give information about products or services, chat about your life, write about milestone events or talk about how you overcame problems. People will either love this or hate it. If they love it then the “know, like and trust” factor will be extremely strong with your subscribers and when you do recommend products or services they are likely to be extremely receptive indeed.
  4. Give and take – Just because you are sending out emails to a list, an autoresponder series need not be a one way street. Many people are content to just talk and talk to their subscribers but you can also ask for their thoughts, views and opinions as well. If you blog ask your subscribers what sort of content they would like to see, or whether they like video blogging or what they think of the products you promote or own.
  5. Mix and match – You don’t have to stick to one type of series. Mix and match from the ones above as seems appropriate. Remember there are no hard and fast rules. How you communicate with your list is entirely a matter for you.

Do you have a different approach? We would love to hear about what works for you so feel free to leave a comment below.



Seven Different Uses Of An Autoresponder Series

Autoresponder email series tips

Autoresponder email series tips: There is nothing complicated about an autoresponder series.

In fact the whole idea behind RocketResponder is to keep everything about autoresponders as simple and functional as possible.

An autoresponder series is a number of pre-written emails which go out to your subscribers in sequence from the time they sign up to your list.

It might last a day, (although strictly speaking you can’t have a series of just one thing can you?) a week, a month or several months.

I heard of one pre-written series which went on for an entire year!

Your series can be about anything you choose and we have already given some ideas on previous blog posts on this site.

However here are seven different themes you might like to consider for a RocketResponder email series:

  1. e-Course or e-learning – Your subscribers will love you for this. Provide a free course of learning or training in your specialist area or niche. You can link this to your own products or affiliate products but make sure the focus is on providing quality information.
  2. Product promotion – Use an autoresponder series to promote your own or your affiliate products. Be cleverer than just pleading with people to buy from you. Do a short series, for example, explaining the benefits of the products you promote and links to buy.
  3. Providing great content – People love quality content. Maybe they get it from your blog or website. Consider giving even more content just for your subscribers. Make them feel special because they are special and you value them.
  4. Remember Me – You can use an email series to keep in contact with your subscribers. If you don’t send an email in months then the next time you do your subscribers may very well have forgotten ever having joined your list in the first place and hit the “unsubscribe” button without further thought.
  5. Reheat and serve up – Just because some of your existing content may be old does not mean it has lost its value. Use an autoresponder series to introduce older – but still valuable – content to your new subscribers. Yes they could find it for themselves on your website or blog but use the tools you have already got to make life easier for them.
  6. Ask questions – There is nothing better than great feedback from your customers and subscribers. Let them tell you what they want and then give it to them. A real win-win situation.
  7. Run a competition – Run a competition – maybe to publicize a forthcoming launch or promotion and build up hype and a buzz about the launch or promotion as you do so. People love winning prizes, especially if they are worth winning. New smartphones or tablets make great prizes for example.

These are just some examples, there are many, many more that you could use. Perhaps you could list some of  your favorite uses for an autoresponder series too?

New Subscribers Want To Hear From You Now

Welcoming new subscribers

Welcoming new subscribers: We generally love shiny, new things.

Think of the last time you treated yourself to something new or when you received a really wonderful gift from a friend or a loved one.

Perhaps it was an item of jewelry, a watch, or even a gleaming new car if you have really generous friends.

Whatever it was I get you spent a lot of time admiring it and generally paying it more attention than you normally would simply because it was new and exciting.

Now believe it or not, things can be exactly the same with you…yes with you.

When someone joins your RocketResponder list for the first time then they are there because they want to be there.

For the purpose of this post we will ignore those who just sign up for things for the free gift or free report, those who sign up and forget they signed up and that bizarre group of people who sign up for everything going and then never do a single thing with the things they signed up for.

Those apart there will be new people on your list who want to hear what you say and want to become part of your community.

So with that in mind you should:

  • Lead them by the hand – Ensure you have an autoresponder series set up to give the subscriber lots of relevant information in the first few days of joining your list. They should get a welcome email immediately. Then, if you have not done so in the welcome email, introduce yourself and tell your subscriber what you would like them to do next. Then provide some useful free content which may be in the form of insider tips, how to videos, free reports, special offers or a combination of all the above.
  • Don’t be shy to pitch them for something – You have welcomed your subscriber, given them information of value and now you have something of value you think they might like to buy. Go ahead and make the offer. “Hey I have this great deal I think you would really love.” Go for it.
  • Keep the conversation going – As they get to know you there is no need to keep the conversation going at such a breakneck pace. So cut back on the frequency of your emails but don’t stop completely. Some people love the “tip of the week” or “tip of the month” email series to keep people interested. Again if you have other sales messages then include these too. Just don’t make every email a sales email as this is quite off putting.


Keep Your Emails Short And To The Point

email writing tips

Email writing tips from RocketResponder

Think of the emails you get every day.

If you are like me, something like this will probably happen…

  • A percentage (perhaps a large percentage) will be immediately deleted without ever being opened
  • Others will get kept in your inbox to be read but will still end up being deleted because you decide you don’t have the time or the inclination to read them after all
  • Some (perhaps a small percentage) will actually get opened.

Let’s concentrate on the ones you actually open. Again, if you are like me, if the email looks overly long and complicated then you might read a sentence or two and then give up.

So to get the best chance of getting your message read keep it short and to the point.

Say what you have to say and nothing more.

Try and give the reader just one thing to think about and take action on and you will have the best chance of getting your message read and understood.

If you have lots of different points to make then it might be better to make a short mini-series with each point made in a separate email.

If you do this then you can refer to the next email in the last line of the one before. Say something like: “So now that I have introduced our exciting new product to you, tomorrow I will tell you three ways it will change your life for the better.”

Now go ahead and use your RocketResponder account to use these techniques for yourself.