Scrapple is just as bad as Spam!

spam email concerns

Spam email concerns: When you talk about email marketing everyone knows the difference between Ham (good) and Spam (bad). But seldom do we talk about Scrapple.

Yum. We all know what scrapple is. That really tasty awesome meat you can’t wait to have right? Not really. But it’s also not the worst thing in the world either, people eat it afterall.

In email terms, scrapple is email that’s not good email but it’s also not spam. It’s the mediocre email that gets sent out all the time. Email people subscribed to but really have no desire to even open and read because it’s that bad.

The problem with scrapple is it’s harder to detect if you’re sending it. Sure, spam we have feedback loops, spam checkers, bounce logs, everything makes it easy to block spam. But scrapple? You have no idea if your readers think your email is lame.

So when you send email your best bet is to always send email you would open and you would read, from your first email in your series all the way to the end. You want your readers to open every email and get excited when they see the next one!

Article courtesy of Tim Linden Blog

Patrick Griffin

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