Top Tips: How To Make Text Clickable In RocketResponder

This guide shows you how to make text clickable in RocketResponder when you are writing an email.

There are just three simple steps to perform…

How to make text clickable in RocketResponder

Step One: Select the text you want to make clickable. In this case it is the words ‘Click Here To Get Started.’

Step Two: Click on the link icon at the top of the page. This will open a pop up box on the page you are working on.

Step Three: Insert the URL of the page you want people to go to when they click on your text. (If you want the page you want people to visit to open up in a new window then click the ‘New Window’ checkbox, otherwise leave it blank.) Click on ‘OK” and when your subscribers read your email they will be able to click on the text you selected. (This is also known as a hyperlink)

Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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