Three types of emails

3 Types Of Emails That Generate Action

Writing emails and content for your subscriber lists can be one of the most frustrating experiences for new email marketers. Of course, once it’s all said and done, it’s rewarding but pleasure doesn’t come with a lot of pain first.

The main reasons this is true is because, let’s be honest, most of us haven’t written a Pulitzer piece and may never. So being a ‘writer’ might not come as naturally for you as it does for others.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with 3 ‘methods’ to writing emails that has helped me over the years. These various themes of writing have helped me get much more action from subscribers when I’ve followed them. So I know it will help you as well. Let’s dig in;

educational email




1. The Educational Email – This is where you write with the sole purpose of educating your subscribers. An example would be that you have some tips and tricks that you know will help them. Maybe it’s a new feature you have for your website. A new blog post. Or perhaps there is something happening in your industry that you think your subscribers will benefit from learning about. Using an educational email is a great way to provide valuable content without being ‘pitchy‘. Remember, the purpose of this email is to educate! Use this as a way to build more trust with your readers. The more value you are sending them with an educational email, the more they will enjoy being on your subscriber list.


promotional email




2. The Promotional Email – While the educational email’s purpose was to educate, the promotional email is to inform your subscribers of something new, exciting and relevant to their needs. If you are in affiliate marketing, it could be a new product launch. If you are in an offline business, it could be a sale or special you are running. You can even use a promotional email to get your list to take action on something that may not require ‘a sale’. Perhaps you want them to watch a new video you did on YouTube. Or follow your new Twitter account. Promotional doesn’t always mean ‘trying to make a sale’ although that can be the case. The trick really is to always provide value. Stand behind what you are promoting and make sure you are always thinking of your subscriber’s needs first!


story based email




3. The Story Based Email – The more confident you become in sending educational and promotional emails, you can then combine them to create a story based email. This takes some effort, creativity and little bit of unique thinking. Human beings LOVE stories. Our entire society has been built on them. So when you learn how to craft a great story in your emails, you will attract action takers across your lists. A great story can inform your readers and get them engaged in what you may be offering in a promotion. Real world examples are great ‘stories’. Your own experiences can be a great story. Again, always keep in mind the needs of your readers and when you put them first, your story will develop with them naturally taking action on what you may be offering.

Please note, these are not the only ‘types‘ of emails you can create. However using these 3 as a base has helped our email marketing campaigns for over the past decade. The key is to always ask yourself, how does this benefit my subscriber? Is it a tip or trick that will help them learn more about your business? Maybe it’s a new product that you have used yourself and know how valuable it will be for them? Or maybe it’s just a story of something you have learned along the way and can be shared so that others benefit from your successes and failures.

No matter which method you choose, or if you choose to use all 3, rest assured…These are great ways to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you for years to come.

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