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5 Ideas to Guide Your Follow-up Series

They say that a follow-up series is a great idea to engage your prospects and customers. You agree and want to create a series that helps generate additional conversion and builds more trust in your brand. Where is a small business owner to begin? Here are 5 steps and a few leading ideas to begin generating a follow-up series that continues the conversation.

Begin the Conversation

1. Begin with a ‘thank you’ page. Reassure the customer that they have made the right decision for a purchase or an email opt-in. Give them access to the promised product or downloadable. Point out that the item will arrive shortly in their email but that some email may end up in a junk folder. If they choose to whitelist your email address, further communications should appear in their primary inbox.

2. The first in a series of auto-responder emails then begin. Welcome them to the subscription service and remind them of the company and previous communications. Offer any links that may have been missed and offer support with any related processes. Soft pitch any related programs that can be of benefit to the client.

3. The second email mentions the product or newsletter name. Remind the addressee of how to use or incorporate the downloaded files. If there are additional useful resources that can be useful, offer them to the client.

4. The third email can recommend products, resources, newsletters and membership sites that would help the client. Inquire as to if they have begun using the product or opt-in items. Review the benefits of the related item. It is also possible to ask for a testimonial as to the company, opt-in or product that has been used and how it addressed their specific problem.

5. The fourth email offers your help. A personalized domain name lets subscribers feel that you want to build a personal relationship with them and are available to hear any concerns that they may be having. Make them feel special by informing them that only valued subscribers or customers like themselves have access to more tailored support services from you. Answer responses personally. Consumers want to feel like there is a real person on the side that has cared enough to read over and individually respond to them.

Provide Valuable Content

Vendors or companies that continually provide educational content over special deals generate more trust. Your company has positioned itself as an expert that cares about their needs. The strategy of offering content of educational value leads to long-term relationships and creates loyalty of customers to a brand.

Perhaps a client has ordered a new sink for their bathroom. Materials such as repairing leaks, regrouting tiles and the latest bathroom vanity trends can be segmented and divided into a series. A free video link can also accompany the emails that help home owners to fix small issues or rethink their space. Be a resource to customers and prospects and they will maintain their subscription.

Ensure that all correspondence is quickly followed up by a tailored email. Whether the prospect called or emailed for further information, take the time to personally reach out to them and to check about the progress of a concern or to offer additional help. There are free templates to follow up on responses from email opt-ins, to respond to interest shown by prospects at tradeshows or for further types of interaction. Be available to customers and prospects alike by keeping the lines of communication continually open.

Justin Ledvina

CEO & Co-Founder of RocketResponder. Serial entrepreneur with an extreme passion for small business growth.

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