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5 Tips For Writing Better Subject Lines That Gets Your Emails Opened

One of the most important parts of crafting a great email is having subject lines that grabs attention. Not only that, but your headline wants to not only get the readers attention, but entice them to open your email.

subject lines

Thinking about it…As much as we’d love to think our emails are so important that all our readers will stop dead in their tracks to read what we have to say, that just simply isn’t the case.

On average a person will get almost 90 emails a day.


That’s a whole lot of noise for them to get through and what makes your message so important that they will give it any more than a glance?

The Subject Lines!

Your subject lines are like a Swiss army knife. It’s written to do many things, but the end goal is always…Getting your email opened.

Your subject lines can use any or all of these practices to get better open rates:

1. Create Curiosity – Don’t give away the farm when it comes to crafting your headline. Entice people to open and write something that makes them WANT to know what the answer will be. Nothing drives open rates more than curiosity.

2. Frame A Problem – This is a great technique for building rapport with your reader. If they feel like you understand their concerns, the headline can show them that you may have the perfect solution to their problem. Using headlines to frame a problem will get higher click through rates, as long as you are in tune with what your audience is experiencing.

3. Be Short & Sweet – You do not need to write War & Peace for your subject lines. Keep them short and remember to respect your readers time. If the message is clear, you will get higher open rates. Simplicity is key!

4. Use Numbers & Lists – This technique works for not only email subject lines but for blogs posts as well. Use things like “Discover 5 Tricks From Dog Training Experts That Stop Fido From Barking”, or “Are You Using These 3 Must Have Tools For New Online Businesses?” Those two short examples are combining multiple practices into one, but they all use numbers and top lists to grab attention and get opens!

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Little Shock & Awe – Remember, people are getting on average of about 90 emails a day. How will you stick out? By using a little bit of shock and awe, might be exactly what the doctor ordered. You don’t need to make bold claims or false statements, but this technique really works when you even add a touch of humor in the subject line. Be creative and see what works!

These are just 5 quick techniques that are proven to get better results from your email marketing. There are dozens more! Get creative and just remember…There is a lot of noise out there! As long as the body of your email provides value to your subscribers, you can have fun with your headline to get more action.

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    1. Thank you sir. Yeah man, the numbers and lists really pull great numbers. I mean, I know it stops me in my tracks…I can’t help but read them when I see them lol

  1. Incredible piece of prose here and so very valuable. I can always tell when I drop a good headline because my open rate soars about 50 %….its that important

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