Email Marketing Strategies You Shouldn't Use

5 Email Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Use

Email is relatively easy and inexpensive to use. This means it’s a great tool for small businesses that may not have a big marketing budget. It also means almost everyone is doing it and it’s becoming more difficult to rise above the dross and get noticed. It’s therefore crucial to make the most of each email that’s sent out. Sometimes knowing what not to do can be as important as knowing what actually works. The following are 5 email marketing strategies that shouldn’t be used.


Customer Buying Cycle

The Basic Customer Buying Cycle

Any sales training methodology should be grounded in a thorough understanding of the customer’s experience from the point of his or her discovery of a need or desire to the point of becoming a new customer. This process, the customer buying cycle, is broken down in diverse ways and numbers of steps by various sales training experts. Familiarizing your sales staff with any reasonable configuration of it should well serve your customer and your company. (more…)

Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email Marketing For Small Businesses with RocketResponder

If you run a small business then everything you can do to attract new customers and retain existing ones will help your long-term profitability.

One really powerful way of getting the very best out of your customers is email marketing. This is why RocketResponder has taken a lot of care to look at how it provides email marketing for small businesses.

You may be missing out on income from your customers simply because they are not thinking about you. Email marketing ensures that your business, and your offers, will regularly be in their email inbox.

These are some reasons why small business owners may not use email marketing:

– It sounds too complicated for me, I don’t want to have to learn something new.

– I don’t have time for email marketing because I am too busy running my business.

– I don’t know how to use email marketing. What would I even write about?

– It is just another cost to spiral out of control.

At RocketResponder we know that these are all very real concerns which is why we decided to make email marketing for small businesses simple, quick and easy to use with a fixed price plan so that costs can never spiral out of control.

We know how important email marketing is to small businesses which is why we have come up with a solution which business owners can confidently use to boost their interaction with customers.

Is It Really Not Complicated?

Using RocketResponder is not complicated at all. In fact if you can send regular email then you can use our software to communicate with your entire customer database.

RocketResponder - Email Marketing for Small  Businesses

Choose one of our stunning templates and just drag and drop images and text blocks into the email to get a professionally looking email composed without needing to know any coding skills at all.

It might look something like this…

RocketResponder - Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Or this…

An example of a RocketResponder email template

If you prefer you can just send out a simple, text only email without any fancy graphics at all…the choice is totally yours.

One of our top priorities was ensuring that RocketResponder was not difficult to use. It is as simple as writing your email, deciding which list(s) you want to send it to and then choosing when you want to send it.

We also understand that with any new system, people will sometimes run into difficulties so when you need help we are there to get your problem solved quickly and efficiently. This is both easy and fun to use.

But I still don’t have time for email marketing…

There is one thing that virtually all of your customers will have in common…they will want information about the goods or services you provide.

RocketResponder allows you to ensure that every customer gets high quality information from you as soon as they subscribe to your list.

Here’s how it works.

You write a series of emails which will be received by all new customers over a period of days, weeks or months after they subscribe to receive information from you.

These could include a welcome email where you thank them for subscribing, an email introducing yourself and your business, one explaining how they can contact you and where they can get help if things go wrong, another about what set’s you apart, an email or two with useful information about the niche you operate in…that sort of thing.

Just choose the topics you would like to read about if you were a new customer to your business and start writing. (If you don’t like the thought of writing emails, you can outsource this to someone else for very little cost.)

You only have to write these emails once, decide the time interval you want them to be delivered and then every time a new subscriber signs up to your email list they will get the emails delivered without any further work needed on your part.

No customer is missed out and everything you want them to know about your business is communicated to them without you having to interrupt your working day for a moment.

You can also send emails out to your entire list whenever you want…such as when you have an offer or promotion you want to highlight or a special time-limited deal on your website or in store.

RocketResponder is designed to allow efficient communication with your customers while taking up as little of your time as possible.

I still don’t know what to write about…

The section above gave some suggestions about to the kinds of things you could send out in your emails.

If you still need some ideas then just think of the questions that your customers ask all the time.

Is there some advice that new customers want time and time again or some particular information about the products or services you offer? If so, then write about that.

You could send out a regular newsletter to your subscribers, give tips and hints about the industry you work in, use RocketResponder to give exclusive discount codes to your subscribers or to alert them first on red hot offers you have coming up.

Once you start thinking about it you will come up with many ideas for ways to use email to communicate with your customers and potential customers.

I am worried about another uncontrolled business expense…

You can stop worrying. We know that small business owners like to know what their business expenses are going to be ahead of time…so we have taken care of that.

Most email marketing services set their charges based on how many subscribers have joined their list…the more subscribers you attract then the more you pay in monthly fees.

Others will charge based on how many emails you send out and with these price plans it is impossible to calculate how much you will pay in advance.

RocketResponder is much simpler than all that. There is one small monthly flat fee which stays the same regardless of how many people you add to your list or how often you communicate with your subscribers.

Business owners have told us that price certainty is something that is important to them and we have listened.

Small Businesses thrive off repeat customers. People have busy lives and your customers will need to be reminded to comeback and buy from you. The best way to do this is through email.

RocketResponder is like having a sales person who works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and who never gets tired.

Learn more about the features RocketResponder offers for small businesses – Email Marketing For Small Business.