Email Marketing For Churches

More and more churches are discovering that email marketing is a fast, efficient and really cost-effective way of getting their message across to their congregations.

Email marketing for churches allows your church to reach more people than ever before, which will help both to attract new members and keep existing members informed and in touch with what is going on.

Simple, modern communication.

RocketResponder is an automated email service which has been designed with with churches in mind. We have set up a communications solution that is easy to understand, simple to use, very cost effective and highly efficient.

There is no difficult programming or coding required to use RocketResponder and, in fact, if you can send a regular email, then you should have no problem using our email marketing software.

In this modern age with so many competing demands on our time, many people overlook religion. Some have no time for religion but there are others who would happily join a church…if only they had a gentle nudge or two in the right direction.

Waiting for people to come to you means you are missing out on so many people who just can’t find the time to visit your church and find out what you have to offer.

With email marketing you don’t have to wait for people to come to you. In addition you are totally in control about the message you send out. For example you could tell potential new worshipers about the ethos of your church, where you stand on certain issues, your style of worship, community involvement, dress codes and so much more.

In fact, just think of the sort of things you tell to potential new worshipers time and time again. These subjects could make a series of emails which could go out to people in the days or weeks after they sign up to your subscribers list.

You only have to write the emails once and then when each new person subscribes to your list, they automatically get the entire email series without the need for any more action on your part.

RocketResponder is not only good at getting your message out to potential new members, it can also go a long way to help making existing members feel part of a caring and compassionate community where they are valued and respected.

When someone new joins your church you could send a welcome email, then another giving the details and times of services and another giving them details of the next event where new members are encouraged to attend.

These days email marketing is no longer exclusively used by marketers, but by wide and varied groups who want to connect with their communities.

Email Marketing For Churches

Where do my subscribers come from?

It is a lot easier than you might think to attract new subscribers to your email list. One of the best ways is by putting a simple form on your website where you ask people to send you their name and email address.

You will be surprised how many people will sign up to get more information from you. While they may not take the time to call or visit you, they will often be more than happy for you to contact them and send them information to their email inbox.

If your church has a blog then that is another great place to get visitors to subscribe to your list. The same goes for social media sites and for the newsletters or information sheets that are given out at each service.

Email marketing for churches is very flexible

You can create different email lists for different groups of people. This allows you to send one series of messages to potential members, another for new members and yet another for existing members.

Sending out emails in advance of regular worship services is a really great way of using email to help boost your attendances. These emails could include some information about the theme of the service or some questions that members might like to ponder to prepare themselves for the service.

Regular newsletters, transcripts of sermons, community events, prayer lists and devotional guides are all subjects which are ideally communicated by email.

Special events, fundraising campaigns, requests for volunteers or highlighting particular members of the congregation are also subjects where your congregation would love to hear from you.

Email marketing for churches is yet another way to build relations between your church and its membership base so that the entire community is more cohesive and becomes stronger in its faith.

Using email to introduce the leadership of your church and key members of the congregation, with contact details and social media links, where appropriate, is a great way of making new members feel welcome.
Doing the same thing to announce important changes to the leadership, meetings or special events, will ensure that all of the congregation are kept informed of key developments.

Email marketing for churchesUsing RocketResponder is about as simple as using regular email. You can send really impressive emails using our templates which allow your emails to look visually striking without needing to learn any complex code.

Just drag and drop the elements you want into the designer, write what you want to say and the job is done. (Note that if you prefer to send plain, regular text email then you can do that too.)

There are no hidden surprises with RocketResponder. We have one low flat monthly fee and this stays the same no matter how many emails you send or how many subscribers you add to your list. This makes setting budgets easy because you know ahead of time what the service will cost.

Learn more about what RocketResponder can do for your church – Email Marketing For Churches.

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