Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Email marketing for real estate agentsEmail Marketing For Real Estate Agents: In the real estate industry, getting information out to clients in a timely manner can make all the difference.

It is an industry where communication is as vital to your success as is your knowledge about buying and selling property.

It is no longer good enough to wait for clients to come to you, because that is one sure method to be left behind in a highly competitive marketplace.

These days email marketing is an essential tool for real estate agents and, very often, a preferred method of communication with clients and potential new clients.

Not only it is an ideal way of effectively marketing the properties on your books but it is also an amazingly effective method of marketing your business.

An automated email service, such as RocketResponder, is also an invaluable tool for attracting new clients and obtaining more income from existing clients.

It will also allow you to effectively promote your business, help set you apart from the competition and allow you to be seen as a trusted adviser to your clients.

Attracting New Clients

Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition out there, so every new customer counts and they are not afraid to shop around.

Most of your potential new customers will want to know many of the same things…what you can do for them? how experienced you are in the market? will you will do a good job for them? how efficient are you? can you be trusted? and so on.

You have probably explained these things to people over and over again, but have you considered how email marketing could be of huge benefit to get these messages to your potential new customers?

With RocketResponder you could write a series of emails covering the things that new clients really want to know when deciding on where to place their business.

You do the work once and the emails are sent out to every potential new client who signs up to your email list.

Once the emails are written, there is no more work needed on your part and everybody who joins your email list will receive the information they need about your business.

When email marketing like this is done correctly, then it can really help you convert potential leads into new customers.

Gaining More Income From Existing Clients

Email marketing is also great for informing and reminding existing clients about the full range of services that you provide.

Timely reminders, sent via email, can be that final push that is needed for a customer to take an additional service that might otherwise have slipped their mind (or gone to a competitor).

You can embed links in your emails to take subscribers to the precise page you want them to visit, such as a sales page for the service you are promoting.

Here is an example of one of our many email templates which can be customized with drag-and-drop simplicity:

Email marketing for real estate agents -RocketResponder template example

Promoting your business

Email marketing will allow you to effectively communicate with an audience which has already shown an interest in what you have to say.

Remember that people will sign up for your email list to receive offers, information, details of properties they may be interested in, insider news, time saving tips and much more.

Use email marketing to promote your business and explain why you should be the first choice for the customers you are targeting.

Setting Your Business Apart From The Competition

RocketResponder can help set you apart from the competition by allowing you to give everyone the personal touch they really crave.

You can also showcase your expertise in the market and the knowledge and helpfulness of your staff by sending emails which help your client and, at the same time, highlight the qualities that make you the right choice for buyers and sellers.

The great news is that this does not take up lots of your valuable time because the system is highly automated and about as easy to use as sending regular email.

Become a Trusted Adviser

Building up trust with your customers is probably more important in the real estate industry than many others.

Write emails specifically aimed at buyers, sellers and renters so that your advice is always relevant to your target market.

Moving home can be a highly stressful time and your clients will want to be 100% assured that you will get everything right.

The pointers above gave just some of the ways why using RocketResponder for your email marketing will boost your business and help you gain trust among your client base.

RocketResponder is like having a sales person who works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and who never gets tired.

Learn more about the features RocketResponder offers for the real estate industry – Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents.

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