Email Marketing For Lawyers

Email Marketing For Lawyers

The relationship between lawyer and client is one of trust and discretion.

The problem is that for many, when seeking a new lawyer, it is difficult to know who to trust with your legal problems.

Not only that, but it can be hard to work out whether the lawyer you are considering is actually good at their job or is someone you will want to trust and open up to.

As a lawyer you want people to trust you and you have only a short time to win people over before they consider moving onto the next name on their list.

When used properly, email can be a surprisingly good way of quickly building up a relationship with potential new clients and for strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Email marketing for lawyers, such as provided by RocketResponder, is a quick and efficient way of using email to communicate with both prospective and existing clients.

It lets you give people the reasons they need to feel secure enough to choose you for their legal needs.

What’s more it allows you to take a very personal approach with your clients but without the excessive time demands that such an approach would involve without the use of automated email marketing.

RocketResponder can give you an edge over the competition by allowing you to give everyone who inquires about the services you offer, a personal touch but without it eating away at your precious time.

You can use automated email marketing to highlight your expertise, skills and the services you offer by sending regular emails which are helpful, informative and highlight the qualities that make you the right choice for potential clients.

Email Marketing For Lawyers

Email marketing works by people signing up to your email list – typically by an opt in form on your website – where they provide their name and email address in return for some specific information or report.

The information you provide must be relevant and useful to the specific type of clients you are targeting. For example if you only handle commercial law then you don’t want to spend time fielding inquiries from people looking for a criminal lawyer.

The report could be something like:

  • Seven Things You Must Know Before Signing Any Legal Document
  • The Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Family Lawyer
  • How To Sue Someone For Money They Owe You
  • What You Should Always Ask Your Lawyer
  • Seven Ways To Save Money On Legal Bills

Or you might say: “Enter your name and email address to sign up for our monthly newsletter and learn more about the range of services we offer.”

You will find that people will happily give your their email address if they receive some useful information in return.

Think about the questions you, or your staff, get asked every day and the amount of time that is spent explaining the same information over and over again.

Using email allows you to answer these questions in a series of emails which goes out to prospective clients while, at the same time, explaining exactly why they should choose you to look after their legal needs.

Email Marketing for Lawyers 1

A prospective client will feel great that you have taken the time to anticipate the types of questions they have and that you have addressed them.

At the same time you come across as warm, friendly and welcoming which is exactly what new clients will need to feel when they are deciding whether to trust you with their legal affairs.

This approach also works to build up trust with your existing clients. Sending information and advice -type emails will not only be welcome but if your clients need help with these issues then they are likely to associate you with the help they need.

RocketResponder will also allow you to use email to do a whole host of other things which will help you grow your legal practice.

For example you can send out regular newsletters, schedule appointment reminders, ask for feedback and alert people to important changes in the law which they need to know about.

Our system has been designed with busy professionals like you in mind so that either you, or a member of your staff, can manage your email communications with ease and without taking up too much time.

There are no hidden surprises with RocketResponder. We have one low flat monthly fee and this stays the same no matter how many emails you send or how many subscribers you add to your list. This makes setting budgets easy because you know ahead of time what the service will cost.

Learn more about what RocketResponder can do for your legal practice – Email Marketing For Lawyers.


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