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An Email Practice We All Know, Yet Rarely Use

We know how important it is to build mailing lists. We’ve been taught since day one that we need to keep in contact with our subscribers, build relationships and ultimately, create customers for life.

We have heard about list segmentation, split testing and every sort of analytic known to man kind that will…”Get more clicks and opens”. Still we forget that behind each and every name and email address is a real live human being.

And with that, the potential of building relationships that have far deeper meaning than just ‘a name on a list’. For example, you can use your email list for something as simple (and awesome) as saying…Happy 4th of July!

Or Merry Christmas. Or Happy Valentine’s Day….Yup you guessed it, when we use our list to send thoughtful greetings to our subscribers, it helps build the relationship.

Crazy right? I mean, this is something WE SHOULD know, yet far too often list owners using their email marketing for just that…Marketing.

How about if we started using our email lists for genuine attempts to send thoughtful messages, holiday greetings, and add the human element back into business.

Might seem strange for some of you…But for others, the message is clear. We need to worry more about the people on our lists and making them feel valued, rather than how many opens and click throughs we get.

Yes that’s all important, but techniques like this (which really isn’t a technique, it’s just the right thing to do) really help build a trust factor with your lists.

Plus, it makes them feel good! It’s a win, win and TRIPLE win!

So while there are plenty of holidays to choose from, why not use your email marketing tool for more than just marketing, and start reminding your subscribers that you value them and are thinking about them during any holiday, and all throughout the year!

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