Engage Your Subscribers & Watch Your Results Soar

Last week we talked about the indoctrination email. How important it was to start the relationship with your subscribers on the right foot and let them know what they can expect and look forward to.

However, the question pops up from time to time….What do I send next?

How do you keep the conversation going and continue to ‘PULL’ subscribers to you and have them actually looking forward to receiving your email.

What I have done for years after sending the indoctrination email is that I continue to engage them and request continued ‘action’.

Now an ‘action’ can be the following;

– A small sale

– A ‘follow’ on social media

– A response to the email

Or any way that the subscriber takes ACTION on what you are engaging them with.

It’s important not to throw a big ticket item in their face on the second email you send. Remember, you are trying to build a life time customers and relationship, however it’s a good idea to not shy away from a smaller sale / giveaway.

The big point and main aspect of your second email though is to get your subscribe to engage with you.

Remember that in every campaign you begin…

The first email is to get your new subscriber familiar with you and what your list will offer them…

The second email is to pull them in to you even more, engage and set up more lines of communication.

I personally, wouldn’t start the ‘pitch’ here. I would still attempt to drive value to your subscribers and get them to respond to you in others ways.

A great tip I use, is to ask for a follow on Twitter or a ‘like’ on Facebook. I’m trying to get them into the habit of not only getting emails from me, but taking action on them when they get them.

Some people call it ‘training your list to take action’, I just simply want to attract action takers!

Whatever route you decide to take, just remember…ENGAGEMENT!

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