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Five Apps All Small Business Owners Need

The industry is evolving, and it’s time to pull ahead. As mobile technology develops, small business decision makers become increasingly optimized—delivering high-quality solutions in smooth, effective ways. Getting more optimized needn’t require tech-genius-level skill, and becoming up-to-date is simple when you’ve got the hardware.

If you’re seeking visibility, mobility and scale, check out these five mobile apps. Your business has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


App One: Google Drive
These days, Google’s entwined in everything, and for good reason: It’s highly optimized. Building your small business platform on Google Docs is a good idea, and taking advantage of Google Drive ensures seamless ports, file editing, document accessibility and around-the-clock support.

Google Drive lets you transfer and alter files between your PC, tablet and smartphone. Small business owners are becoming increasingly reliant on virtual drive aps due to their intuitive web surfaces and incredibly flexibility. Likely, Google’s success will continue expanding in the cloud storage arena—further generating great solutions on its free 5GB storage offering.



App Two: Any.Do
Do you make lists? Do you generate employee tasks? Any.Do delivers a responsibility organizer alongside easy-search item lists. Of course, you’ll have your hands full, and that’s alright. Any.Do, titled “Cal” on the app’s iOS and Android platforms, was specifically tailored to “up and at ‘em” business owners.

Any.Do creates a task manager, empowering users with event synchronization, information output, schedulers and daily, step-by-step processing lists.



App Three: Expensify
Managing expenses is difficult, so an expense calculator application is entirely warranted within the industry. Don’t worry: Your information is safe. In fact, Expensify’s encryption protection keeps any and all input information totally locked down.

The app, itself, calculates expenses, travel mileage and other fiscal components to scan, generate and upload receipts. Expensify is supreme in terms of file accessibility, and each expense report features a highly intuitive design to offer both employees and decision makers instant information. Founded and created by David Barrett, Expensify has become one of the world’s best apps for small business owners tracking expenses for both daily operations and long-term budgeting. Expensify currently serves approximately one million users.



App Four: LinkedIn Pulse
Many use LinkedIn, and online social media has become ever-prevalent in modern business culture. About 22 percent of adult online users use LinkedIn currently, according to Pew Research Center, taking up a large slice of the business world’s connectivity pie.

LinkedIn Pulse personalizes reading experiences, generates content and optimizes business practices. If you’re away from the app, you can upload stories beforehand, generating future content. Article sharing, networking and professional connections are LinkedIn cornerstones—and they’re further empowered with LinkedIn Pulse.



App Five: Asana
A project management workspace application geared towards multi-party support, Asana is the platform for small business workplace connection. Capable of collaborating email efficiency, generating group activities, collecting data and creating solutions, Asana has become a preferred organizer provider. The app is free, and it’s incredibly smooth. Of course, accessibility is a key component when multiple people engage a single app, and Asana answers with maximized capabilities and room to grow.

Justin Ledvina

CEO & Co-Founder of RocketResponder. Serial entrepreneur with an extreme passion for small business growth.

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