Four Things You Could Do When A Customer Buys From You

Customer sales strategy

Customer sales strategy: Congratulations…your customers are buying your goods or services.

It is a nice feeling when a complete stranger decides that what you have to offer is worth paying hard cash for.

But don’t be too pleased with yourself just yet.

Maybe they want to buy some more and are waiting for you to tell them what else you have to offer.

Well your RocketResponder email series can do just that.

Here are four things you should consider informing your customers about when they have just bought something from you:

  1. An upsell – They have gone ahead and bought your basic service and that is good. But take the opportunity of informing them of all they are missing out on by not taking the next higher level and provide them with that opportunity to pay and upgrade right now.
  2. A bonus…just because you can – People love to get something for nothing. Maybe someone has bought a three month subscription from you…then say as a special bonus you will offer them four. Or offer them something else – maybe a month’s free access to a related product or service you provide.
  3. A discount on future purchases – The customer has just bought something so they are in the buying mode. Take advantage of this and suggest other things they could buy from you. Then offer a time sensitive discount to encourage them to do so – e.g. “If you buy “x,” “y,” or “z” within the next 48 hours you can take an additional “x” per cent off with this discount code.
  4. Ask for feedback – Customer feedback is invaluable as it can tell you what you are doing well and where you need to improve. Good feedback can also be used as testimonials to attract other customers.



Patrick Griffin

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