How Colors Trigger Emotions – Infographic

 How Colors Trigger Emotions

You are online and you want to do your best to get the right message across to your visitors to your site and to your customers. Why else would you be here reading how colors trigger emotions right?

You may communicate with your subscribers via email using an autoresponder like RocketResponder.

You may also take great care over the words you use, the products or services you offer and the way your website is laid out.

But how much attention to you pay to color?

Colors are one of the first things we notice and they affect our subconscious and therefore our decision-making process way before we actively consider making a purchase.

Colors are strongly associated with moods and emotions and can make the difference between whether someone buys from you or whether they don’t.

For a fascinating insight into one way color can affect emotion and how big businesses use this to their advantage, check out this infographic below:

How Colors Trigger Emotions

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