RocketResponder ‘Save as Draft’ Makes Writing Your Emails More Flexible

At RocketResponder we have always given people the option of sending emails immediately or at some date in the future.

This is important because there are some messages that you will want to get out right away and others that you want to write now but send out at a specific time and date.

Having the flexibility to write and queue up emails in advance is one of the huge benefits of using an automated email service such as RocketResponder.

However there are also times when you start writing an email and realize that you can’t finish it right now.

This might happen, for example, if you:

  • run out of time
  • get called away to do something else urgently
  • realize you don’t have all the information that you need to finish the email
  • find that the inspiration to write is not with you right now.

So with that in mind we have made it easier for you to save your email so that you can return to it at some point in the future with RocketResponder Save as Draft.

RocketResponder Save As Draft

If you have not finished your email then just press the “Save as Draft” button at the bottom of the screen and then come back as soon as you are ready to continue.

We have also made a slight change to the way you queue up emails to be sent in the future.

The default option is to send immediately so if you want your email to go out right away then press the “Send Immediately” button when you are ready.

(However you might want still want to send yourself a test message first. See the post “Why It Is Important To Always Preview Business Emails Before Sending” for more information about why this is a good idea.)

If you want to send at some time in the future then just click the “Edit” hyperlink to the right of “Send Time” and you will be able to enter the date and time you want your email to go out.

Queuing up RocketResponder emails to send at a date and time in the future

When you have selected the date and time you want your emails to be sent then just hit “ok” and, don’t forget that you can now choose to resend emails to those who did not open them first time round. To use this function then check the resend box and enter the resend delay you want (between two and 10 days.)

Patrick Griffin

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