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Why It Is Important To Always Preview Business Emails Before Sending

Automated email marketing systems like RocketResponder are designed to save you a lot of time and effort.

It is so easy to fire off an email, hit send and have your words of wisdom hit the inboxes of everybody on your list while you are free to concentrate on other things.

However it is worth just slowing down a little bit and doing one last step before hitting the ‘send’ button.

No matter how many times you have checked through your email on your screen there will be times when you only spot a mistake after it has been sent.

It is even worse when one of your subscribers replies with a message such as “Hey I am really interested in that offer you just made me…but is there a link I am supposed to click?”

Yes, forgetting the link in emails is something that happens to us all. Sending people to a completely wrong URL or having a link that does no go anywhere at all is another common error.

This is why we have a ‘preview’ feature which allows you to send your email to just yourself before making it live.

That way you can make a last minute check for errors, check that your links work and that you are saying what you really want to say.

This worked really well for me just a few hours ago.

I had written an email, was happy with the way it looked and used the preview function as a final check before sending…and I was horrified at how it looked.

It should have looked like this…

Ostrich effect email screenshot

But the three tiny social media icons you see in the top right hand corner had been blown up about ten times their normal size on the version I received. Not the biggest problem in the world but it did look ugly.

As it happened it was a glitch on our end, but one I would not have noticed had I not previewed the email.

Once it was pointed out, it was something we were able to fix in a couple of minutes. When you preview business emails, it gives you a chance for one final check that everything really is good to go.

Get into the habit of doing this because spending just a little extra time on your emails could save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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