Boost Email Subscribers

3 Ways to Boost Email Subscribers

You have the perfect layout for your marketing emails, a thoughtful strategy that includes engaging content, and exciting calls-to-action that should get great results. You have everything in place except for one small detail: the list. An amazing email marketing campaign is only as good as the people you can send to. If your list is lacking, here are three ways to get more signups.

Here are 3 ways to boost email subscribers:

1. Increase Sign-up Visibility

Nobody will sign up for your email list if you do not make it available everywhere that customers may be. You should have links to your sign-up page on various pages on your website and blog and post links to your sign-up on social media.

Don’t forget about offline places, too. If you have a storefront, keep a sign-up sheet at the register. Plus, offer simple ways to sign-up whenever you attend trade shows, conferences, and other industry events.

2. Make Sign-up Really Simple

Resist the urge to make your sign-up form more than a few fields long. It can seem like a great opportunity to collect valuable information about your customers, but the truth is that the easier you make it for people to fill out the form, the more people who will do it.

Consider asking for nothing more than a name and email address and make a note of where the sign-up occurred to start sorting your list. If you must ask for more information, make it as simple as possible and do not mark the fields as required. That way, if someone does not feel like answering all the questions, you will still capture the information they did include.

3. Make the Offer Compelling

You have to give to receive. Nobody wants to provide you their email address just so you can market to them; you have to offer more than a sales pitch. Offer a free downloadable ebook or whitepaper, a free trial subscription, or a coupon in exchange for contact information.

When you create an offer rather than a request for information, you reassure customers that they have something to gain. Be sure you make it clear to subscribers what they will receive from you in the future. For example, let them know if you plan to send a monthly newsletter, weekly sales and specials, or useful tips and tricks every Friday. Do not ever try to “trick” someone into signing up; that is just an easy way to boost your unsubscribes.

Know Your Customers

To really boost your subscribers, you have to know who it is that you are trying to reach. When you have a good understanding of your target, you can then create an offer that is meaningful for them and place your sign-ups in places where they are likely to be. When you focus on the needs of your current and potential customers, you will be rewarded with more subscribers and happier recipients.

Justin Ledvina

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